Heaven ain't got nothin on you
Ain't got nothin on you
[Desert Dwella]
...Cause I just think you're beautiful
In every single way
Ain't nothin more to say
And im wonderin whats on your mind
Lets catch up on lost time
Im too lost in your eyes
We're of the same kind
Enter stage right and you'll see me spittin lines at a premium tryna get this money right, to be a decent human being sometimes i feel like you're too divine for me. caught me admirin
I know time with me is tiring
Thank you for having the honesty, and honestly, honestly,not a single seconds wasted even when
Im wasted girl you're too sacred and
Im elated every chance i get to spend with you/ with youuu
[Hook] x 4
I guess this must be heaven
Cause i be in the presence of an angel
And you may just be the greatest thing
That's created by God, no lie, i swear
Nothing can compare to the way you got me feeling
Got me believing that everything that we've been given
Is lord willing cause i be winning every time i got you by my side
You make my world sublime when i'm color blind
So, don't you say no
Baby let's go, i know you don't wanna be at home alone, tomorrow
When the weather gets cold, and you need a hand to hold
Imma be your savior and make sure
Nothing harms my angel, guard you from the danger
That lies beneath the depths
Of lies and regret
Because i'll never neglect you
I'm so glad that i met you cause
[Hook] x3