Oh No!
[verse 1: Akira]
Oh No am I ruining your flow, oh no that blows oh no gotta fuck some hoes
Ok nice to meet you new names Dartt you can remember that cuz I make art unlike this n***a Paul blart bitch what the fuck is this I found in your room a roach n***a you shouldda shared, now your fucking grounded you just got pounded he’s like oh no that blows, For how long, I said for about a month never mind a year I don’t give a shit if that’s wrong n***a I get high all the time I hate lime I am the definition of crime bitch what the fuck were you thinking your worst than JP actually Jake It’s to hard to get more worst

[Bridge: Akira]
Oh no Oh No Something’s goin On
Oh no oh no the ring don’t fit
Oh no oh no oh shit

[Verse 2: Kidd Link]
Did I prove my self ma I know I did you wrong that one time I hope I can apologize in this song please ma I still love you thos n***as did me dirty never again will that shit happen I promise on my life if my fucking wife does me dirty I’ll leave her ass Too I might not be thirty but I’m still smart, my not be thirty but I don’t fart I’m sorry if I broke your heart truly am I hate people named Sam Like Oh No On No Oh No put a bullet through my head!

[Bridge: Kidd Link]
Oh No Oh No never again will I do that shit
Oh no oh no I will always love you forever
Oh no oh no I said fucking nooooo

[Verse 3: Akira]
Oh no bitch what’s going on flowing songs new brand of wrongs hold on let me take a hit outta this bong! *Bubbling Noice* *blowing noice Then Coughs*
Uh Fucking hell in don’t want you to tell we’ll alright he threatened me I didn’t want to get in a fight right now i was Chatting With Lexi you don’t realize how she sexy like god damn

Anyway love you lexi

[Outro: Akira]
Whew Im super high right now especially for the next song so if you can’t hear me, me that well um then you can tell am I right!!! Hahaha whatever!