[Verse 1: 83HADES]
I'ma fuck 'em up
I'ma fuck 'em up
I got Uno in the back and he got the pump
Got 'em traced up
R-RVR3 in this bitch with a 3
On her knees
I'm with 3
Doin' robberies
Hit the lottery
I'ma hit em up
Turn 'em pottery
Bitches-Bitches [?] A1
Layin' off a stray one
If he got a problem with the gang, better say somethin'
Really tryna spray some
Think I fucked my brain up
Put him in a cage, bruh
[?] all day
Fuckin' with no lames
Bitch, i'ma let that body rot where it lay
Body rot
Let his body rot
Off the molly rock
Bitch, I'm movin' rock
I-I just got a bag, now I'm flexed up
Tell me who's next up
I might just shoot n***a, aimin' from the neck up
You a bitch n***a
You gettin' set up
And I put that on my set blood, ay, yuh
I'm with the dogs
And they bark
Smokin' woods
It's the bark
And it's dark
At night
Had to kill a n***a, ay, I took his life
Who do you despise?
83 or me?
We them n***as that'll take off with your things
She wanna suck me 'cause I got the gold links
Look up at my rings, all you see is the gleam
I'm all fleek
You n***as on crust
He a pussy, he a ego in the dust
His body flat 'cause this strap make him jump
I want smoke till I fuck up my lungs
You a opp
Make him rot
Towin' Glocks
He faked shots