Organic Thoughts
Mind Bash
Any contender when I enter in the center I'm into this life my agenda's to keep it real life Phife and bend the mentor
Bend it faster then Bender send it to the rhyme inventor
I learn that people die so fast I'm quick to feel and gently
Making love to people with my Rama
No need for pieces of paper
I break the next line that'll make you scream and see what's in a
I capital B-U-S-T
See that's my name a self proclaimed emcee real name's JD I'm free to say it's me
Whenever I want so let me bring you to this new type of funk and see
The fact that wack are great in mind of most population have created a fucked up situation
Attention span worst than a child on Facebook
A couple of hundred dies then I like then I feel bad
Then I go to McDonald's and hit a dab
Fuck it it took me so much and I'm glad
Walking and feel sad when you see this red fluid on your hand
To live with that you gotta be mad so let it be
Searching for you and me
First of all what's the meaning of all those stupid shit I see
I'm searching for clues
Listen while I use you fool