Life’s a Trip
Wit this system so persistent i can’t make amends
I only fuck w shawty if she wanna bring a friend
I don’t speak in tongues i don’t speak in french
Fuck around and cop another wraith for play pretend
I need a place need a picket fence
The shit you weighin on me way shit is too dense
Had it up to here i had to raise the tents
Rollin passin time stop recommence
Did you get a little glimpse of it of what it is
I’ll give you a little taste of it don’t bring ya kids
Fresh right out the stove like some oven mitts
And you know i bring the beat back confidence
Caught a vibe now we touchin lips
It’s the ins and outs something that you cannot fix
Control my mind playin different tricks
But in the end its all droppin tints

I went out and bought myself a rari
Interior all white like a dance party
Whoops that was your girl well i said i’m sorry
Maybe if you wanna harm me you should join the army
A p rolling shit just looking like some other shit
Got the bald fade matchin w the window tints
Seal all of the rest for future references
Ain’t no sleep til we get rid of the evidence
Leave the thoughts that you left behind
No peace inside my mind
Feelin blind left me otherwise