Night Talk
Man it’s crazy depression getting the best of me
Claiming that they care but not a person check on em
No missed calls ain’t nobody ever texting me
Convinced that every single one of em is thinking less of me

Dear Depression I learned a very valuable lesson
Playing round with love can get you hurt worse then the weapons

Dear God can you handle my confessions cause I’m tired of the stressing now I’m looking for a blessing wait

I didn’t need another lesson
I just want more of affection
Maybe handle my aggression
Someone to come for my connection
Maybe handle my erection
Give me a panel or a section
A person to guide all my directions

And show up for my protection
Maybe a liver that’s a blessing
Take my handle of the weapon
Maybe love my imperfections
Appreciate my first impression

Heart broke got me asking what it all about
Afraid to open up I’m scared of someone walking out
Look around not a single person calling out
I guess they’ll be happy when they see me in the coffin now