Voicemails (Everything is Perfect)
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At the tone, please record your message

Hey Tommy it's *****, where you been?
Ghosting all my texts never answer any calls
I don't know what's wrong, but at least I got a job now
You probably heard that I dropped out of school and
My mom kicked me out, it's alright
We really gotta hang I haven't seen you in a while, to be honest
I don't really have any friends left, I guess I really am, a narcissistic pest and
I tried to stop smoking, it didn't really work
I know my lungs are fucked but it can't get any worse, right?
I remember driving 'round, with ya dawg, why you never come around
I know you have a car now
Let's hang, are you busy tonight?
I gotta plug selling eighths, for twenty-five
I'm a little short on cash right now, but I'll pay you back later next time we hang out

At the tone, please record your message

Hey Tommy it's *****, it's been a while
Since our last phone call but I need to say a couple things
You know after everything that's happened
I still care about you and I hope you care for me
It really has been, a long time
Remember how happy, we used to be
You were my everything and I was yours
Nothing in between us, no dividing force
I don't know how it got so shitty
I don't know when you got sick of me
I feel like, you never wanted me to change
But how can you expect that?
That's something you should work on
I know that you're not a bad person
But sometimes, you were just such a dick
At the tone, please record your message

Hey Tommy it's ***** how you like it up in Dallas?
On Instagram it seems like a lot of fun
I'm living up in New York City I'm getting hella hoes and you know I love to party
And these women they can't get enough of me
I don't think I've met a bitch I haven't slept with
I got so many good stories that I wish
That I could tell ya but you never call me back, man
Are you still mad about last summer? I'm sorry 'bout it, for the second time
Don't tell me you believe all the rumors all the bullshit fucking lies
I'll tell you what the truth is
I didn't fucking rape anybody
I don't need to, I don't do that
I respect women and they give me what I want
So Tommy if you're mad it's your own fault

I feel like a fake person, like everything I do is premeditated
One thing always leads to another shit happened how it happened
So the past is fucking perfect
It's kind of ironic
The past is, not perfect when I think about it
I think about the things that I've done, and the choices that I've made and the pain that I've caused but
Everything is perfect, cause it led me to this moment
Everything is perfect