Dear Diary
Yoooo welcome to the vibes, you diggg
Sailor Saint, YTM
And then let's do it

[Verse 1]
Should've seen, should've seen it come
And the facts we already know
And I feel like I've been here before
Told you what the fuck was going on
You know, you know how it goes 'round here
I do the most coz I lost my fears
You stay headstrong, let it go
And you still gon hit my phone up
Why the fuck you think I've grown up
When I'm at my low, I roll up
And I can't stop till my woes up
They like, Frosty why you frozen
Coz the world keeps getting colder
And I do it for my Grandpa, he watch over my shoulders
Hold up, I'm an illegal soldier, dolo
I'm tryna be like this for so long (for how long?)
Forever, for so long
Uh one of the greatest things we can do is choose
What's your choice
[Verse 2]
Oh my daze, I got my mind made up (on my way)
Yeee, damn, I've been looking for this feeling for so long
You know when you, you tryna search for something
And you finally get it
That's where I'm at right now
I'm juh boolin right here, uh let's dooooooo

2AM, at the club, posted up
Think I had more than eleven cups
Don't tell nobody coz I just took too much
Talking that talk on the phone I called your bluff
Cmoe just gave me a hit and now I'm stuck
Ddot in cut and he got it tucked
And you fuck with us man that's kinda tough
I ain't floating no where until my time is up