Crystal Clear
She tryna have sex
I could see it in her eyes
Gettin straight to the point
No patience, no time
And I'm in the back chillin
Smoking on lemon lime
VIP section, just us
And I'm rubbin on her thighs

Lookin like she star struck
I could see it in her eyes
You fucking with a real n***a
Girl get that in your mind
But I'm not bout to take you home
And label you my bride
I just wanna sit back and relax
And get you high

[Verse 1]
She fuckin with me but sometimes I wonder why
I be lookin so good I can't even fuckin lie
Eatin icecream bitch I'm posted in the sky
Smoking mary jane cuz it ease my fucking mind
Now listen to this smooth as you cruisin in your ride
And listen to this shit and fall deep into your mind
But I just bet you have cuz this song hypnotize
I tell her get ready
I be takin deep dives
I never look back cuz baby all I do is stride
Them other n***as wack
Baby I won't tell a lie
We headed to the front
Ion ever wait in line
I'm smoking bubba sparx like its 2005