Fat tone
You Feelin’ Me
[Chorus: Bishop Young Don]
Throw your hands in the air if you're feelin' me
Keep 'em both right there if you're feelin' me
If it ain't loud Nina, tell 'em turn it up
Cause we all came to get fucked up

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Turn on the TV, What you see? Me!
Repping Missouri, Bringing the fury on the TV and BET
Kansas City Chief
Bang this MC beat
I'm bout to sell it, bout to relish and get this speech heat
Kansas City Baby
Where most of the homies are shady doing 180 tryna get to the old lady
Cos' they creep where your moms at
Seek where the bombs at
Peeps making sleep on the seat where the time gap
Bianc's get hifey when unleashing the psyche
White t-shirt, red dickie neck and nikes
Dont get it twisted
Me and Fat T-Z and scritch-scratch from different sides
But when home we kicks it
Regime to the heart n***a
Krizz Kaliko and Bishop together
Haters shutting your liver
Fat Tone man
They mad cause we got our own thang
Asking it maybe baby whats up with that dome game