Fat tone
Caught In The Life
[Hook:X1] (Boy Big)

So gangstafied, so gangsta, so gangstafied(so gangstafied).When it's time to ride, we let them hot ones fly(the hot ones fly).So gangstafied, so gangsta, so gangstafied(so gangstafied).Them n***as caught in the life, but we gone stay gangstafied

[Verse:1] (Fat Tone)

I'm a Vett. I'm a gangsta like Pat-loc, I hustle like Brotha J. A savage like lil mike, got killas to busta K. I'm a G from my turf boy, you know how I get down. A fifty will spit now, best calm all that shit down.Cause boy, oh boy all it takes is a phone call.For n***as to pull up,and yall gone get fulled up. With K's and gage shells, it's too late to try to bail. Everyone of you n***as die, that way can't nobody tell.It's loc on mine n***a, stay packin my heat n***a.I rip through your teeth n***a, that way you can't eat n***a. They feed you from a tube, you shit from out a bag.You gone be stuck in a wheel chair for the rest of your life fag


[Verse:2] (Lil Abe)

I'm that block mobster, real menace with a choppa. If popped we get it on lik Pac and Big Pappa.Slow ya role, I gotcha, all you gotta do is call me. We don't be hidin low, in the swamps is where we all be. Deals like allday, skating tall rims, on Chronic a E-Pill, and whole bottle of Rem. Every corner I be on they mug Abe, talkin bout fuck Abe, but they don't wanna bang.They heart pumps gatorade, I stay sprayed with sucker raid repelant, Ain't no tellin, who tellin, and you can't tell if he tellin what he tellin,So I stay bailing. Cuz I ain't tryna have that in my mix mane, Cause n***as will have you caught up in some real bitch shit mane.Can't hold water, keep his nose stuffed with powder,Talkin bout Abe and Fat Tone fucks with out of towners.Everything on the counter is worth a pretty penny, trick for dollars bitches still wonna kick it with me


[Verse:3] (Fat Tone)

So ya hommie got popped and you didn't retaliate.Scared to put in some work, you shouldve stayed in the church.But naw you wanna be a G so fuckin bad.Till you and your fuckin dad Got shot at ya fuckin pad, and they smoked ya grandma when she unlocked the front door.Cause she paniced and screamed when she seen you on the floor,They shot you from waist up, even cut cha face up.Threw yo mama out the window when she opened the safe up.Drama boy you wasn't ready for that, now they see you in the paper they like we wish youd come back. Now you gone with the boogyman, headed to neverland.You stuck there for ever man, I hope it gets better man,Your life is gone now, your son is grown now and he Bucking for me.Cause he know I'm a OG, been in it since 93, ain't no stoppin n***a.Better watch what you say for I come choppin n***a, yeah