Fat tone
We G’s
[Verse:1] (Fat Tone)

Messy marv(Messy Marv), Yukmouth(Yukmouth), Rich the Factor(Rich The Factor), Yeah Ok Who am I? Imma Vett. I be running n***as off of they set, they can't fuck with a Vett. I hear get down I reach and start busting my Tech. Imma G from Fifty First street loc, im trynna warn you folks that at the jump then your mama get smoked. Your daddy get choked, ya kids get smacked in the face. And your dogs get popped when im ramsacking a place, im fucking with killas my n***as be so damn sick. Its like every other day they dump they whole damn clip. Or off ya man if you dont come off with bread, cut off his hands.The outcome is off the head, imma savage with this shit for real. Ask Mess well kill, talk shit catch Three to the grill. Chuck Littlejohn running shit down, im up in random towns and bust shots with submachine gun rounds. Im holding it down, its Fifty First street to the Ten. We down to the end im knockin off n***as for twins

[Hook:X2] (Fat Tone)

We G's uhuh and vetts (and Vetts) we G's. Best believe that the techs will spill(we G's). So if you snitch then your mama get killed( ya mama get killed) we G's little boy for real Ok uhuh

[Verse:2] (Messy Marv)

Steady on mine Cutthoat, it's Young Mess loc. If you want it Twelve Five for the dope,thats out in Cali on Fifty First its twenty three for the coke. We keep it G n***a dont get smoked, off top young killa mane. Filmore drug dealer mane this Mobb shit dont get realer mane. We keep It crackin like the first of the month all the way to the six, busting down all the dimes from brick. Believe me cuz its all on the bitch, from the Ice to the whip. Young n***a stay sliced and dipped, in butter. I got shit locked off In the gutta, Ill cock this wet on your sister and little brother. You dig that, I dumb out and push your wig back. I Play with modafied shit you can put that Sig back.Plus Fat Tone know where your kids at,on the one them West Coast Mafia n***as did that


[Verse:3] (Yukmouth)

They heard your blowing up like nitro, now they wanna stick there knife through my wind pipe slow.But why you bring a knife to a gun fight fo S.K rifle lets play survival. Put a slug through ya spinal, paralyze you fucks have you open up more blood than a rhino. And jump back your idol (yeah) I know, you know, your crew know groups break up just like munudo.its the usual money makes n***as change (NewJack) different brain ever since I came shit ain't been the same. N***as back stabbing, bad mouthing,pillow talking they bitches they hating on my riches get these pistols sparking. Yall all marks and bustas, mama told me not trust ya but I loved ya like my brotha phony motherfucka.I can't hug ya imma bust ya shit and fuck friends ya can suck my dick ya punk bitch


[Verse:4] (Rich The Factor)

Imma G like Ten hunnads, a Vett with rims on it. Its me from the Ten hommie so bring a pen. Holding down this independent rap shit like a project, I chase paper like G's over a fine bitch. Me and my squad hit town with cakes and pounds and if your cheese ain't chedder we spitting them rounds.With rush borda holla yo get In the cobra,Mustang on twumps straight bendin corners.put my soldiers for my family dropping off care. Yuk and Mess out the west we got me and Tone.Youll get honey where the money is worth it and if I can't catch ya then the hommies will torch ya