Fat tone
Groupie’s ( Yall Cant Fuck Wit A G)

Welcome to the murder show.(Yall can't fuck with a G)Im tired of you suckas. Puttin my motherfuckin name in your mouth n***a, you dont know me.Quit talking about me n***a. One Love To My N***a Mac Dre, who you Groupies thought I killed. N***a Thats my motherfuckin n***a you dumb bitch. Quit puttin that shit on the streets like that, for I slide up on yo punk ass


Imma Vett! You little bitty boys ain't ready for war, you hear these missles start running for sure
It dont matter you can duck on the floor, we just circle round your block and start dumpin some more. See I make these n***as duck for cover, even in the night they duckin under the covers. Im make wanna B's turn into a pretty please, now they all on my phone tryna call pleads. N***a hell yeah you get Clapped On for thinkin you can make a rap tape about Fat Tone. (Haha) You ain't never gone profit, making them little tapes in your basement stop it. Unlike me when I Drop you gone Cop it, love enimies means money back in my pocket.Couldn't stop it if you fuck with Suge Knight, my lil n***a see you and you still gone get iced.(Ugh)


Yall can't fuck with a G. You lil n***as gone get touched in these streets. Quit trynna act like yall all O.G's but when the Fonk crack yall wanna talk to the police.(Ugh)


I heard the word on the streets n***as lookin for me, lil n***a you couldn't be lookin for me. Im all at the mall n***a, all at the Landing. Doing my Gig gone candy dancing. With my Deuce Seven n***as Cuz they love to shoot shit, Keep a Fully Automatic Duck taped to Two clips its useless. Ridin up on the captain, Hell my lil n***a Vinny he'll show you that platnum. Whats happenin, You lil fag n***as wanna kill Fat Tone so you can brag n***a. You bitch ass pussy ill take your life we can meet in the church or in front of the vice. Ill slide right up on you make you drop your gun, first shot hit you hard make you swallow your tougue. You dont want none, ill make you run outta town or the next time I see you youll catch multiple rounds. (Ugh)



Bitch ass n***as, n***as better quit puttin my name out here like that n***a. Fag ass wanna be n***as. Fat Tone killed Mac Dre, Fat Tone killed Mac Dre. You stupid ass bitch. N***a thats my N***a, I really knew the n***a. You n***as is Groupies. N***as dont know them n***as mane. Fakein like yall got the cali plug. Like yall fuck with Bo and Tay and all them n***as. N***a them my n***as n***a. Im the truth n***a. N***as Gone Make Me Snap. Bitch Ass N***a Aye Im Tellin You Cuz