Fat tone
Fake & Phony

I mean uh, here go the uh this right here. (Killa City) Every young n***a I know that got knocked off in Kansas City. So many murderers n***a uh. I named it Killa City. Where the shit go down. I mean uh. For all the n***as that gone, this where im from. (Kill, kill, kill)


Im frome the city of Dope, the city of Killas, Mac's, Pimps, Hustlers and Dealers. Tycoons, n***as that'll split ya wig. You come short on they Yay they kidnapp yo kids. Mad murderers Is what they are, hanging out the window with the Fully A.R (Fifteen). With the beam on top, see on my block we shoot em up on spot. Drop Top Mustangs, Chevy's and Vetts.Have Glock Forty Fives, Mac Uzi's and Tech's. Lil N***as Thirteen with they brain on drugs, like Fuck School they wanna be cool so they hung with the thugs.Its Killa City Biatch, where the Mobsters stack. Where n***as order Lobster and
Dom P.A. You can take it lightweight if you want to (If you want to), and they find your ass floating like a boat Fool (like a boat fool) Gangstas, Murderers is all I see. Muthafuckas die on these K.C streets, Life is to short thats why you can't get caught. Slippin without your heater they gone knock you off. Your nothin to these streets without respect to these streets thats why they caught you when you asleep if you were smart you woulda peeped n***a. Yeah if you were smart you woulda peeped n***a (Woulda peeped n***a) Thats why you got caught without ya heat n***a


Yeah we keep it gangsta homie.Motherfuckers die Cuz they Fake & Phony. They really dont know me, I make em think its a dream when I run up on the scene and dump the M-16. (N***a\Cuz)


A Kidnappin just happened, its all on the news. They try to off a plea bargain but the Killas refuse. See in Killa City Cuz we dont go half way, we go all the way out like your boy O.J. I got hommies in the Pen, that will never get out. I know snitches marked for dead that been running they mouth. See we living in hell, all the killas in jail. Thats why these stoies I tell, Cuz I know em so well. They all fell, and im the only n***a thats left. On my toes like my toenails, packin my Tech. Watching for death, checkin haters Right To Left I Rep the Set. Dont Make me have to take your Breathe. Ill Split your shit, and leave your brains hanging like chitlins. I got the feelin, I got what it takes for Millions. I got the feelin one of yall gonna be smoked like D, across the news like R.I.P thats on me Cuz