Fat tone
Jockin’ me
First of all they got me for 50. Two for 50 cuz it's real
Then I wanna give shouts out to this nast bitches named Britney and Angie cuz both of they mouth is the abortion clinic Ya No

[HOOK x3]

I always feel like yo bitch be jockin me
I won't go till I rumble in my North Star
With T.V's on the cieling man I hustle hard

[Verse 1]

You ain't never met a n***a who get more chips
I get mine like the goodfellas get grip
Hustle hard on the block when I'm selling rocks
I got a 1000 dollar pack with my 9 Glock
Just in case they try to short stop on my spot
I need all mine I'm talkin bout all Knotts
Rubberbands over grands make my pants hang
A fresh pair of Airmax cuz I slang cane
I'm on my Nextel grittin with my homeboys
T-Real thats another n***a that got skrill
We make deals like The billionaire Bill Gates
I'm talkin uncut pure 'cane with the flakes
So when we send em out of state they be zipped tight
The next morning you'll get it cuz it's over night
Thats how it goes when you hustle at the high speed
I make G's ends though like the Ozzleys
[Hook X2]

[Verse 2]

So you mad that ya bitch on my dick now
So every car that you flip mean shit now
I guess she love how I thug and I Do's it
And I floss like a boss in my new Whip
See imma shark after dark for the titantic
And all them sharp shooting haters that bystanding
All that lying and that jeffing dont mean shit
Cuz when it's all said and done you ain't seen grip
I be running through G's like 10 cent
And will make a hundred G's off of 2 bricks
2 bricks? yeah thats all it take dumbass
That's why you steady missing points so you won't pass
I shake the Tazz like my balls in your bitch mouth
She want me cuz she see I got the biggest clout
But I ain't tripping on that bitch I had better mane
Plus you know they come and go like the weather mane


[Verse 3]

I'm giving shouts out to the thug and the pimp n***as
Lil Abe and lil Dave Two Sev n***as
I know you mad cuz your bitch be loving me
And when she see me shes always hugging me
I tell her call me her brother when you around
But when you ain't around man we be getting down
You be kissing that bitch like you dont know
That the bitch suck dick like a reall pro
Plus swallow balls and fuck all raw
So that baby you be looking at is all yall
I know you thing like damn imma fuck up
Fat Tone he got my young bitch nutted up
But when you took a blood test thats when it came out
It wasn't me it was your homey that was hanging out