Chill Bump
[Verse 1]
Sonny was brought up to believe money is God
His parents pressured him into studying hard
When he finished law school, he got a lovely lil’ job
With hopes of climbing the ladder to be the one that’s in charge
Try to double his salary, be a stunning rich star
Have a wonderful family, cop a couple big cars
He found a honey, then happily made her his spouse
They got a common account, started to pay for this house
Endebted for life… Baking cakes for Neighbors
Waving at the newspaper kid, making fake faces
He began to hate it… and felt an emptiness swarm in
Nauseated by the routine-hell he was caught in
Fed up with all his endless chores and infinite bordum
He started vomiting black bile every morning
He used to be merry, he used to fly High
But all it took was one glimpse of the truth and bye bye

Melancholy… Melancholy…
Affected every bone in his body

[Verse 2]
Sonny did some research… was stunned by what he saw
’bout how a small, corrupted group conducted war
Fucked us all over, perched above the law
So what’s the purpose in working in justice for ?
Reality was profit and lies mangled
Cocky governments conquering just like vandals
Big brother mocking us, watching from sly angles
Illuminati plotting on top of they triangle
(Paranoïa…) began to beat the boy up
‘til the point he no longer wanted to be a loyer
(Annoying his spouse…) he’d scorn humanity
Warning family, they thought that he’d lost his sanity
(Scared to go out…) he lost his salary automatically
This new reality tossed him off his balance beam
(Fuck having kids…) Mankind was his nightmare !
His wife packed her shit and left him right there !
(Melancholy… Melancholy…
Affected every bone in my body)

[Verse 3]
Staring at the wall of a mental asylum
A menace to society is meant to be silent
Nobody wanna hear a rebel with ideas
Diss the system and the men that’s behind it
I've been around town, screaming out loud
But people are nothing but sheep or foul cows
That refuse the truth, they sleep and bow down
Crowd’s out my reach… I’ma keep it down now
‘Cause it’s wothless, society's too crazy
Fuck your life, I don’t mind if you hate me !
I don’t wanna fight, or find a new lady :
Fuck my wife, her new guy and new baby !
Save yourself, you’re chained and you’re stuck
Your ego’s big, your cranium’s fucked
I can’t wait for mother nature to snap
Hurricanes to attack, volcanos errupt…
A huge Tsunami to drown us all
‘cause our species is bound to fall
Mankind stands proud and tall
But he’ll soon see he’s fragile and small
When a human dies ? I’m fucking happy !
Suicide ? I’m fucking happy !
When you will die, I’ll chuckle gladly
And I hope that you suffer badly !