Chill Bump
The Harsh Realities of Life... (x4)

Some say life's a bitch - woof woof
If that's the stupid truth
I'll slap her booty red, attach her to a bed and I'll use a noose
Bruise her head badly, bang her through the roof
And do her doggie til I get charged with animal abuse
Alive and living
I've been a hard-headed villain
Ever since I saw death in a car wreck collision
From bars, wreckless drinking
From hard sex with women
And getting tatted like a walking talking art exhibition
Listen: I just want the amazing life that Jay-Z has
With planes, Mercedes, Jags, ladies banging me to lazy jazz
But rap is tough
I have to hustle like a crazy ass
The most underrated is what you can rate me as
I'll take these jabs, you'll make me bleed
But you won't make me spazz
I'll wait then choke you, you like Conor facing Nate Diaz
My dad passed before he got to 41
That's when I knew noone's important or immortal son
We're all just crumbs and me I'm only in it for the fun
I came to spray the audience with champagne in water-guns
And when I go, I pray to God my friends pour me some
Gin on my grave like my name was Jim Morrison
The Harsh Realities of Life... (x2)