Chill Bump
Just a Sample 2
[Verse 1]
Life’s a game, who’s ready to win
Who’s ready to face the true devil within
Are you ready to fight when you step in the ring
Step to the right, move left and then swing
Learn from every bruise left in your skin
When time flies, shoot lead in its wing
Seasons spin, loops end and begin
When the tables turn, you lose everything
Don’t cling to life, life is too complex
You’re a useless speck sliding through the nets
To the right and to the left
You slide from one cycle to the next
Use your head, try to do what’s best
Best be cool, use the time that you can get
Let the present guide your future steps
Defy death and die with few regrets

[Verse 2]
I’ma keep it real… (I’ma)
Eat, drink, leak, shit, fuck ‘til I feel fulfilled… (I’ma)
Chill ’til I drop and a motherfucker reads my will… (I’ma)
Stick a middle finger in the motherfuckin’ reaper’s grill
He can yield
Survival is a vital sport
Don’t lose time to suicidal thoughts
Don’t torture your mind, life’s too short
Quickly consumed like the lines you snort
The present is all that exists
It ain’t for nothing they call it a gift
No tomorrow… tomorrow’s a myth
Live now, just follow the drift
[Scratch Outro]
To the right - To the left
You slide from one cycle to the next

[Movie Sample Outro: John Keating from "Dead Poets Society"]
... we are food for worms, lads
... each and every one of us in this room is, one day, gonna stop breathing, turn cold, and die