Chill Bump
Self Destrukt
[DJ Intro]
Today's topic: self destruction

[Verse 1]
I laugh at life, keep cracking my jokes
I cannot panic, cry or get mad if I'm broke
Won't be sad to die from the packet I smoke
Won't quit when cancer's attacking my throat
Fuck healthy diets, herbivore liars
You jerks at the gym that work on your size
I prefer to eat nothing but burgers or fries
Die an early death than live a third of your lives
Fast food fanatic, I'ma keep on eating
Even when my heart or arteries are screaming
Even when there's a solid stream of grease in
My veins, making it hard to keep on breathing
I don't care, I'm young and I'm unaware
Call me childish, I'll just cover my fucking ear
Fill my cup with another beer
'Cause who can truly guarantee they won't be gone in a couple years... yeah

[DJ Bridge]
Get loose

[Verse 2]
I used to drink a few forties at New Years
Now I need more than a few beers
There's always excuses, pour me a brew "Cheers!"
Pour me four little shooters in the morning like "who cares"
And I never sip sodas
I drink twenty Coronas, leave no leftovers
The goal is to get less and less sober
Let my soul give in to the devil on my left shoulder
I drink more, feel less drunk, and that's funny
My body reacts like "I'm unimpressed... dummy"
Yes sonny… I've got less and less money
Ever since the bartender has become my best buddy
Get home late, sleep on the couch with my clothes on
I'll soon get kicked out the house by my own mom
Why use my head, I choose to beg
Beg guys for food, buy booze instead
Fuck yeah
[DJ Bridge]
Today's topic: self destruction

[Verse 3]
Fill your belly with junk (Fill your belly with junk)
Spark an L or a blunt (Spark an L or a blunt)
Party hard 'til your heart gets frail and it jumps (Party hard 'til your heart gets frail and it jumps)
Y'all should always yell and get drunk
Before you end up like everybody else, body smelling of skunk
Feel that adrenaline, I'm never gon' pipe it down
Live for the present 'cause your life is now
We're all destined to die somehow
So quit being scared, stare death in the eyes and smile
Before bugs and worms turn in your guts and squirm
I don't wanna be buried, I don't want a urn
Brother, please cremate when my body's stuck and firm
We don't need no water, let that motherfucker burn
Don't yearn, don't cry when I'm a goner
Don't remember or honor my name or petty persona
Just scatter my ashes wherever you wanna
Roll me up and smoke me up like I'm marijuana. One

[Movie Sample Outro: John Keating from "Dead Poets Society"]
Seize the day, boys
Make your lives extraordinary