Chill Bump
Matter of Choice (intro)
It ain’t nothing but truth; Every song, every loop
Was put together with love and didn’t cost any loot
This EP is a strong « F You »
To every label trying to make dough off any group
We don’t give a shit who this may offend :
More freedom for us, more dismay for them !
None of y’all mother fuckers can dictate my pen
Influence us when we dig crates for gems
Never stopping, never slowing for nobody else
We won’t pay attention to petty robots that yell
Never ever listen to what our foes got to tell
Blow cock in hell ! Go rot as well !
Go Watch waka flocka, forget we exist
We don’t want a fucking pea-brain to relate to this
All my independant creators please raise your fist
Emcees, Beatmakers and Deejays, Resist !