Young Noah
Try Me
[Hook: Young Noah]
Try me, Try me like I’m playing (Repeat)
Try me like I’m playing
Try me like I ain't walking out this stuff that I be saying
Try me like I’m out here flexing flexing for you man
Try me like I ain't really who I’m saying that I am
Try me like I’m playing try me
Try me like I’m playing (Repeat)

[Verse 1: FLAME]
We’re so deep and sold out and been around for so long
So many tried to shut us down but they end up getting rolled on
They crucified our leader first and thought that they got rid of us
In three days He cracked the grave and now there are centuries of us
We’re simple men, we still sin
But there are a couple things that we won’t do
One is deny the Son, Holding back is number two
We made it through the crusades
We made it through the reformation
Great sin, Great men
But we endure through generation
Through generation, through generation
Africa, Europe, Asian
Every tongue, every tribe, all races, all nations
No this is not a game, and never ever can it be
The movement's not some little clique but it's Christianity
For now He rules internally, The 6th day was detoured
In Adam (paradise lost) in Christ (paradise restored)
The full kingdom will come as it is in heaven praying
That the Lord would come quick try us I am not playing

[Verse 2: Young Noah]
Before I write a verse trying to sound cool or swagged out
I’ve been fasting all day let me smash out
I ain't tithed in a while let me cash out
Now I’m going to gon’ testify bring my past out
I was living with no concern for my soul
First on the block to rock the rose gold
Rap bout the trap and paint that flip flop
TV’s and T-tops sitting high on deuce fours
I was in it to win it
I was fixing to Get it just give me a minute and I’m on
But then I repented
And kid was delivered
No longer a child now I’m grown
I was a liar liar pants on fire (I put them out)
And please the sire his desire (live it out)
Young punks playing with the sword denying divine power that the Spirit has given us to live it out
Uh, acting all big bad like they ain't got to give account
I beg to differ, on the last days Get slain like Jack the Ripper
Drown in that lake of fire mister
Can’t breathe up under that water flipper
I run the way of thy commends
Enlarge my heart to understand
Gotta be be ye perfect
Gotta be be ye holy
Gotta let the Spirit control me
Gotta be a little less phony
If He is then act like the Spirits upon me

[Verse 3: FLAME & Young Noah]
Young Noah: I don’t understand Flame why they calling us hypocrites

Flame: Probably cause they seen abuse and lifestyles that contradict

Young Noah: But we ain't here flexing man we unashamed and we walking this
We trying to be the alternate, Jesus Christ is ultimate

Flame: But often its the opposite its obvious they never met Him
Cause if they did I’m positive They’d positively represent Him
Cause if they’re truly saved then the Holy Spirit is living in Them
We all whack, only difference is all the Christians is saved sinners

Young Noah: So basically what you’re saying is what I need to be praying is, that God would Make me like Him, to be a light and invite them

Flame: Absolutely, Excellent, that’s what I’m saying, let your lips and life say, try me I am not Playing