SuperCharge Part 2
[Verse 1: Sway]
Mirror mirror, they’re going to need a miracle
You’re listening to the authority on this ship
And it's only right I set it off
Everyday I’ve gotta be up at six
Knowing that all of these rappers follow, would probably follow me off a cliff
Man, I’m in flight mode when I’m bored
All aboard, and since I’m on the boards I’ve got the monopoly on this sh$@
So I land on Mayfair
Ain't gonna play fair I ain't got a plane yet
But I’ve got a plane fare, no economy
I’m going in no cloak so these MCs can’t cover me
Man, I’m done with all these amateurs
F them and their managers
They say that they’re lyrical, look what happened to Canibus
That was a disaster when he got smoked but it weren’t no Rasta
Better take note if you’ve got a rep that’s why I’m rolling with these canisters
It’s the Game of Thrones right now and I’m gunning for the Lanisters
And I’m taking out everything but cameras
Got a tongue like a gun, great with the gat, Leonardo Di-Cap
So don’t get carried away there’s a bag of us

[Verse 2: Smiler]
Fresh out the gate again oppose me and fade and end
Watch the path clear for real spitters
I’m lyrically fit as Mo Farah competition cremating them
A moment for your journal Sway and Smiler the main event
Life changed you’ll find me smilin’
My rollies OT waving shining iron
Still I’m a land mine saving private Ryan
Grimey paws dirty, grinding jaw thirsty
But my Glide is like spider four thirty
The best of a bad bunch the packs is on me
If it ain't the packs the paps is on me
I’m for the people like Barack and Romney
Suffered like the son of Mary
Nailed on a crucifix they'll never break me or leave me frail in this music business
It’s dark when beef cometh its hard to see comfort
So I’m Brave hearted charging like a Spartan 300
A long time coming to sharing stages with Nas
Aim at the stars whatever we wanna claim can be ours
[Verse 3: Elro]
Fuck the charge metaphors I’m a metamorphous
Rock solid bar reclaiming many more fatalities
Casually planning a world dominating scheme
I raise bars like roid a shame I’m build like a pubescent boy that’s lazy
I bring shades so no one can see me daze and darkness accused of narcissist
Attitude ‘cause my tunes are filled with dark shit
And weird thoughts like I will soon be a carcass
Try and flow like that
You can’t
And who the fuck fucked your uncle, your aunt
Who you claim to be I trade fame for ds
Now cease to please my own fans
Who plead for the joke bars its daily
But failed to see that there’s more then rapping than simply attacking myself as a package
I might detached for this rapping shit if it means
I’m distracted from actually planning the future seems
I’m back where I started quit

[Verse 4: Akala]
I’d love to tell you this is hard but it isn’t
It’s easy to me like bullshitting to Politicians
Spitting is my religion been in it from the beginning
The villain that’s always willing for spillin truth that is hidden
Manic Mike magic I manage you can call it marriage
Or call it habit either way its damage for little maggots
The wannabe martyrs I’ll pull em apart cause they’re not sick with the art
I’ll sever your clart if you ever tarts wanna get clever with bars
I’m way smarter than Arthur and all knights in shining armour
You can run from the target but can't escape your karma
I always attack ‘em whenever they’re slackin ‘cause I am a veteran rapping
Whenever they’re yappin I send it back at ‘em with something they never can fathom
You wanna know what’s so real with these bars and hooks
Look how many kids from the hood I got reading books
I spit a lesson with message that leaves professors baffled
They can't Dcypha my cipher when I’m with Sway DaSafo
[Verse 5: Mic Righteous]
I tell ‘em charge I’ll get in cars already armed
Holding a steering wheel in sweaty palm
With wide eyes and a steady glance staring at the dark road ahead
They know they’re threatened but they’re very calm
Partly ‘cause of the charlie in their arteries and they’re very charged
Tell ‘em find out whose head in charge
I want his head and heart go up there and dead his charge
Everyday we’re getting charged by the judge by the buck why the fuck
Am I saying by the buck blood this ain't America
Shits only getting tougher there’s only so much we can suffer ‘till we go completely nuts
And we don’t just give a fuck
Er, Sorry did I touch a nerve?
It’s probably the first word that I ever fucking heard my mother cussing the nurse
While she was trying to give birth no wonder why I’ve been cursed
Bitch didn’t even have to pull me out the clart
I must have seen the light and I was like Charge

[Verse 6: Logic]
You see they’re gonna have to charge me with murder
The way I treat this instrumental
Sway told me to do what I meant to
Do what I do, do what I does labelled conscious
I still be around with no buzz no luck
I build by connecting with the like minds
Learnt fast that a lot of peoples minds aren’t like minds
No grinding they’re catalogue bare faced robbers with their ballies off
Fam I’ve got an army to Charge
March into the corporate Robin Hood
Give it to the less fortunate they got enough but they’re trine take all of it
Slaughterin the competition
Worlds news puts the orders in go figure
Let me tell you more see they neglect the poor
They try to charge Asada Shukur because she repped the cause
So what you repping for?
Are you representing them or are you repping yours?
[Verse 7: English Frank]
I’m so charged, I’m feeling waved when I’m sober
It’s rock n rolla rolling stone I’m a turn a quiet girl to a moaner
Solar soldier younger but older the bolder solider will fold you over
This tongue roller is bout to expose the foot tongue cobras
They said that they got guns, I swear they’re talking super soakers
They said that they got funds, I swear them mans are giro holders
They said that they got cars, I swear them man don’t push them motors
They said that they got bars, I swear all them man must be jokers
Well you can catch me cocking my leg on a tree
Chasing a cat through the street
Up in the party pissing out straight Bacardi Slapping’ them double Ds
I’m a Double O-G Don’t wanna owe me
Leave a man head shot in his car seat
Or his face printed on my Air max 90s
I’ve been spitting bars from the 90s probably still be spittin when I’m 90
Still dream about death nightly
That’s probably why I take death lightly
I’ve seen death yes I’ve seen death beside me rightly
I’m a nuttier from the gutter for my Bread and butter you don’t wanna fight me
No stop on the clock 5 heavy on top
I’m an animal don’t wanna excite me