Robots Are Taking Over
It's Envy
Mike Skinner
Yo, the robots are taking over, the robots are taking over


[Verse 1: Mike Skinner]
Catch the light of understanding learn the night is underhanded
On the grass the fall of blossom, all alone and lost
We are not progressing but technology does
By that definition it will plod on by us
Reliance on science and compliant as the pious until China decides on defiance with fire
And takes out our science with a virus outside the unsight in the sky giving a right old blinding
Automated ways may be lazier than late
Assisted by the crunching of the things we used to lunch on
Taxi to the airport
Packed up in a flare up
Whacked out say a prayer for
Sat with all that care
At zero cost to build
Now on distribution bills
Clever algorithms selling things that might appeal
Slip off your shoes, trip on some glue, slip off your muse, give us a clue

[Verse 2: Envy]
Look, these days life's so treacherous
Coalition too knows, etchi-sketching us
And if they take it all what's left for the rest of us?
Seems like there's no hope left in us
Cos they've been watching us, testing us
Now they're at the airports undressing us
Giving out signals and we don't know how its affecting us - nah

[Verse 3: Elro]
Look, I don't wanna be an outcast
But my email's spam 3000 [?]
I'm about to blast off, feeling like a cast off, with all of this rap stuff
I'm riddled with many men and I'm pissed off
Trying to make progress, tick list off
Talk to many men on my email
Too much, deep breath, now inhale

[Verse 4: Envy]
Whoever invented them saved the day
And I don't wanna rain on their parade
They paved the way, but it's never gonna stay the same
Now they're taking our jobs, tailor made
My mind used to be as sharp as a razor blade
Now they know my password, and my pin code, my favourite colour and my mum's maiden name
We used to control it but now we let it control us
Made it to connect us but it turned us into loners (loners!)
Now they double check our names and act like they don't know us
And if one day they turn then they will certainly dethrone us

The robots are taking over
The robots are taking over
The robots are taking over
The robots are taking over

I've had a hard life, check my hard drive, dig around for in my mind for the archives