Good evening ladies and gentlemen
You are listening to the sounds of Elro
On this track we have some dirty grime
Me, Manga and JME

[Verse 1: Elro]
140's kinda quick so I mix up syllables pitching shit
I feel naughty, but kinda' big, like a one plus nine nought billion shit
Quick, I've had a million hits, I've met a million pricks
Brought gold billion wicks, I was tricked by an elderly dick
Who said flames are the lame til you're rich
I get brain-ache writing blocks but I battle with the pen like cattle
I think my main aim’s mainly wrong like a toddler playing with a rattle
That’s filled with bombs and pills I can't pay the bills
Cause I wana get fucked so I drink the meals
I feel screwed in my head
Like a moof on my hen or a goose with a benz
I give a battle on a sixteen pay to play
Cause I ain't battling a wastekid day to day
Hate is based upon the scale of these haters hating next to the people who are rating and my scale of love to hate is like bomb to a plant or a whale to a snake
It's blatant I'm great but the stakes are high so it's rare that I'm well done
Done, I'm like a chick with a big bum
Jerk rice and peas can please my brain with ease
I'm like a black man trapped in the body of a geek its peak
Despite my skin-tone my ringtone is ghetto as a crack duck with a crack pipe as a beak
Ghetto as a man whose whole life savings are saved in the gold of his teeth
[Verse 2: Manga]
Elro hollered for a feature so I said
"Yeah bai cool, no hassle"
He said "Write on a wordplay ting"
So I came here and started scribbling on Scrabble
But iManga like apple
Keep spitting til I get hoarse no saddle
Tired of these pussy rappers sitting in a chain
But they ain't saying anything bunch of vajazzles
Ha flow's off the rails, I came here now trained to battle
Eat any beat, choo-choo as I travel
Ha, you know? you get it?
Rail, train, choo-choo travel, I just left my own self baffled
Yo I play the game hard dem bwoy these grains are filled like cattle

[Verse 3: JME]
Hey yo Manga say that again "choo-choo travel" please explain that again
Cause some listeners didn't quite follow you
It went over the head like hair follicles
Oh yeah it's me
It's JME on the track, I'm a geek
Trapped in the body of a black man see
I'm the opposite of Elro call me Orle
You're shit go jump in the toilet
I'm on a roll here, please don't spoil it
Come against any of us three you will get hit over the head with a whatchamacallit
I wanna make P without anybody noticing like a psyscho, or a raspberry or a receipt
You can call this monetary deceit