Apollo Brown & OC
[Scratch Hook]
"For your protection, go sit in the R&B section for this session" - Erick Sermon 'Hostile'

[Verse 1]
This here is hard body built to bang
Disclaimer from Belgium to Spain
You rappers fail to understand
When O's in a zone leaning pen to the pad
Nothing's cathartic, figuring the beat out
I get a read out
It's like ConEd workers reading the meters
Watts being used, blow a fuse in speakers
In my vicinity of skull and bones meaning it's off limits
Someone to prove their balls is bigger
I'm the round table topic over sips of Crown Royal
At a Geneva convention, they freeze when I enter
My pass is all access, there's no patting me down or
Searching through my knapsack, bad idea scratch that
Hold the type of power to Allah
Orders provide 'em the key words to incite and cause riots
Yeah tonight stands taken
I'll permit it, call it bias
Hip hop is in the building no security can stop it
Make a note of it

[Scratch Hook]
[Verse 2]
Few sustain this 17 year reign in the game
Without embarrassing themselves looking lame
My cause and effect is the Butterfly Effect
I tear a hole in time rearrange and fix this mess
If I could
But I can't though
What is is written so
All I can do is fill the spaces that's missing
I'm Park Hilton for the things that are filthy
Owning up to my mistakes by any means to make millions
Till I got a wake up call
Reminded almost slept too long
The gift I was given, it broke my fall
Funeral homes, seen 'em before
Making sure competition laid to rest as they love one's mourn
Plotting behind closed doors, strapped with suicide bombs, attack
Ready sacrificing the name of rap
Diligent, teetering past the lines of being militant
Gats I'm peeling 'em, magazine's I'm refilling 'em
Get a head start

[Scratch Hook]