Apollo Brown & OC
Uh. You are now about to witness...Trophy music...at it's finest. No accolades needed. Uh. For my man

[Verse 1]
Most dudes are cosmetic, me, I'm authentic
Me and Apollo split it in half is the percentage
Detroit Tiger and a New York Yank'
The combination be equivalent to cash in the bank
This is classic in front of a mic when my name said
To understand this O and his flow is like A said
I'll gladly oblige to one's feeling anti
Make 'em believe when I'm done and make 'em a fan of
It's bitter sweet when I occupy and leave places
It's unnecessary but my demeanor bring favors
A barter system show a sign of respect between neighbors
The [?] as Ving Rhames explained it
It's O.G. talk a wise old owl
Perched high in a tree seeing things before it's going down
Hood prodigal eyes for cocktails not Moscato
Drinking beers straight out the bottle

[Hook] {x2}
We have a choice in life to move on
It's your choice get stuck or move on
Mistakes happen in life, keep going
Correct your faults and prove 'em all wrong
[Verse 2]
Two deep in the marauder
Leaning, scoping out the scenery
What I'm seeing can't explain what it mean to me
Dead in the hood, exposed to the bliss of piss and broke glass
Cruising up and down the ave
From logging each frame in my brain like a photo
My man described things in the city like Chernobyl
Life is a concept
I'm in process
Fighting the odds for most is no contest
Catching a body for youngsters be a hobby
Responses is "fuck it" and just continue with the party
Growing up getting in beefs we just fought it out
Lived to see another day, laugh it off, talk it out
What's going on? It's deeper than potholes
Watching the next man plus abuse from the 5-O
The last few years for me has been to lie low
40 years your senior, but what the fuck do I know?