Apollo Brown & OC
Yo turn the beat up a little
I'mma stand back from the mic a little bit

[Verse 1]
Life for me's a flashback when I think back to the past that
Enable me to still do what I do at the drop of a hat
Dead or in jail if it wasn't for rap
Over federal cell, growing up a young black male
My decisions were my own
I'm blessed, ta not get fed from a silver spoon
It mighta spoiled my goals
My debut it came straight from the soul
To tell it how I see it and not blind'em wit mind control
Could have easily adapted to trends, chasing them ends
Which is today's cardinal sin, start of the end
Album number two "Jewelz" garnered me praise
It solidified my spot as a force to be reckoned
Now die-hards checking for me, showing me love
When I'm out and about, cars pass, shouting me out
Things get to clicking with vinyl and CD
Start moving, change is looming, time consuming huh?
With a slight edge in popularity
Comes with a taste of power that can fuck up your head
Moved on to my third LP, "Bon Appetit" was a miss
Failure - that was the talk of the streets
I took it as a slap in the face
Overnight love turned to hate, put me in a whole 'nother space
Always been a anti-n***a, 'stead of standin on the sidelines bitter
I made "Starchild" and "Smoke & Mirrors"
Now look at the games, the same bunch of weirdos
Without sayin names, the weak you accept as your hero
Take away the music, listen to my acapellas
My shit is art with textures depth and colors in it
Love and pain combined with real feelings
Highs and lows so vivid it'll touch your spirit
When it's my time from this world to move on
An angelic voice will be heard singing this very song
[Sample Fading]
Piece of Architecture
Piece of Architecture