Apollo Brown & OC
Sips from the chalice of Moses
Keeps me immune from the bite of a cobra
From slipping and falling into a coma
The seals are broke, we seeing the signs
What was hidden is now revealed I take it in silence
Decipher the language. Knowing too much: dangerous
Some have died in their sleep but many have died painful
Listen to whatever my brain say
I call it a case of intuition when I listen to everything
Modern-day Rome with government in control
Politicians getting snagged in the net, cell phones
From all sides, watching this economy capsize
Guilties being baptized, from priests to rabbis
Spots getting blown, boxes in the drag
Like cars getting towed then they blame it on the coke
Riots in London, smell of chaos in the air is quite pungent
War's jumping off like bungee
Secret sects in effect, initiation is sex
Partnered up with the same body parts
Males alike acquiring wealth, selling they soul
To market price serious game, rolling the dice
Phantom killers behind brass shields, will-power
Round table of brokers whose main goal is dominance
Unexplained sightings in the sky provoke fear
How can there be famine in the place where all the gold is?
Diplomats getting cases tossed
Then role-reverse the crime as if they wasn't at fault
I'm keeping it lite, as told by my cousin Chuck
"You saying too much my n***a", I gives a flying fuck
Why whisper when my voice is loud?
With common sense to address the crowd
My mama she blessed with child
God's gift, in form of a male
With a vision to see things, before they manifest themselves