Apollo Brown & OC
The First 48
[Verse 1]
Living this street life, not thinking about repercussions
Young'uns nowadays be buggin'
Too cool for school, not hearing a word we tell them
I try to take them out the rain and put them under my umbrella
To the wrong things exposed, their ears is closed
I let them know fear's good and keeps n***as on they toes
Not the type of fear of another man, of course
See the hood is Van Damme, survival's a Bloodsport
Straight-shot wizard, hitting kids on the playground
Not specific on the targets he laid down
Murder is the case now, you in the place now
Apprehended by the law, slammed face-down
You claim accusations were false
Was nowhere near the scene when the gunfire popped off
Haven't been round recent, yet you in the precinct
And about to break down, facing interrogators

(In the white room) [x2]
Facing interrogators in that
(white room)
(In the white room)
You and your mans are facing interrogators in that
(white room)
(In the white room)
Snitch n***as talking, running they mouths in that
(white room)
(In the white room)
[Verse 2]
Nickle & dime hustles, tat on your chest
Read "Embrace the struggle," what you know about struggles?
Your life's honeysuckle compared to those who've been through
The drama, double digits handed to them by "your honor"
Nowadays you hear them say "death before dishonor"
In the same vein, on the net snitching about a problem
This type of talk is common, but unlike the
Rapper from Chicago seen with a cool calm demeanor
Y'all n***as is built to fold and sell your soul
Crimes committed with [coke, these?] you already told
Listen, Generation X, crack babies from the '80s
Not smart, yet wanna drive a Mercedes
Own more guns than textbooks, buck off, get caught
Then get shook, tell on others, can't keep your mouth shut
Police apply the pressure, you presume your innocence
Feeling like the wall's closing in, sitting in that


[Verse 3]
Let's shift gears, you a corner boy, you come up short
One too many times, your grind is off
Light package on the average, skimming off the top
Like your boss can't count when he's feeding the block
That's a bold move, you must be sipping Sprite with cold flu
Medicine, you gotta be dumb playing with those dudes
Brought to their attention, n***as became suspicious
When that money started missing, other start to whisper
Figure this'd be their chance to move up in the ranks
Stove product, trick dollars, to them it's small change
Then the skimmer gets blatant, see your ass was confronted
Your lives ain't together, next step is get punished
Beat within inches of your life lost
Laid up in that O.R., life support
Keeping your soul gone
Eyes half-open, conscious, can't move
It's a miracle you're alive, in bad shape, laid up in that