Apollo Brown & OC
The Pursuit
[Verse 1]
Whip shining when I pull up
Greets and pounds, what up?
All of my life been a stand-up dude, my drive
Stretched far as the I-95
NASCAR affiliate with highway miles
But not attached to a sponsor
I'm what you call an independent delegate kinda biased to Obama
Burnin' Pirellis, breakin' the law while talkin' on a celly
Low in the bucket seat like 'fuck it'
Excess speed in the fast lane
Everything's a blur, a few cocktails entail
If I get stopped, I'm gettin' popped cause I'm way past the limit
Highway RPMs break digits
Doppler says rain
Tires grippin' the street causing me to fishtail, peel, and hydroplane
Stock car drivers dyin' set the track on fire
Johnny Blaze before he trans' to ghost rider

In the death race dippin' from the boys in blue
Got them run flats in case the spikes in place
Issued by Dunlap they made, mashin' the throttle
Crossin' state lines like The Bandit in the Trans-Am
With blue fatigues justice on my ass, damn
Making my OJ getaway, cops in hot pursuit
Radio ahead to clear the interstate
[Verse 2]
Ready as Andretti, holdin' the mic steady
At the steering wheel whippin' the Tahoe Chevy
Hoggin' the lane up, speed limits can't restrain him
Highway patrol wanna catch him, but can't contain him
Grand Theft Auto, PS3 scenes change backgrounds playing games
But don't involve quarters
Dangers evolve like the Ice Road Truckers
Warm-blooded in the cabin of my rig, sliding over water
Nerves of steel, where the curves is real
Slick as an oil spill, a pro in his field
Vehicle options beats knockin'
Other drivers facing a problem
Luxury flows, the Aston Martin
Ethanols, high octane, way past the point of obscene
You crash and burn, I master the turns
Whip game's proper, eludin' coppers in hot pursuit
And up above, being watched by helicopters


[Verse 3]
On a one-lane highway, manual gear shiftin'
Running pistons, M.O.P's in my system
Windows half down from the speed bring tears to my vision
Play chicken if you dare, I'm not flinchin'
Put me in this position, it's a head-on collision
No eye batting, your ass better have religion
Revvin' the engine, speed racing, heat blazin'
Exhaust pipes tearin' up the rose-tar pavement
A weapon on wheels, pedal under my heels
Mash the floor, comparisons of passing doors
These bars are lapping, this a record braking time
Apollo the architect of the track's design
Break it down 2 gears to 3rd, meaning the verse
Burning the clutch up, opposite now, going in reverse
Doing doughnuts, kick up smoke cloud, escape cover
Get the fuck out of dodge, skirt off and burn rubber