Roy Jones Jr.
U Know My Kind
You know my kind
We on the block all the time
You know my type
We drunk, we high might start a fight
We grinding we chasing cheese
We hustle
We keeps that heat
We riding on 24's
Money first and mother f**k them hoes

Pa** the puff
Let me get started
I'm a burn a hole in this motherf**ker regardless
Turn me up
Let me get me
Who else but the M-A-G-I-C
Do you somethin dirty
Won't say it twice
I know you n***as heard me
Betta get it right
You hard with your hand on the gat
I got mine too I'm ready to bust back
Full grown pit my n***a I bought that
Pull your ho card to see where your nuts at
I got no patience for n***as hatin
And b*t*hin ain't gonna make a n***a give you nathin
Ol pu**y a** n***a soft as a q-tip
Say something I'll smack a motherf**ker real quick
I'm a Body Head die hard
I'm tryin tat the motherf**ker in the eye ball
Hook 2x

N***a I am R-J-J-R
My pockets are full of paper
Everything you see here's mine
I'm a thug and I'm rich
You know my kind
Always on a hunt lookin for a lil more dough
I can splurge with
Money I can merge with
Women I can flirt with
See if I can thug 'em
I got me a dime
All I wanna do is cut 'em
No convo
All I wanna do is cut 'em
Don't play with 'em never act like I love 'em
Only act like that n***a daddy raised
See I'm kinda c*cky in my ways
But a n***a getting paid
And I'm probably in the back getting laid
With somebody's wife somebody's getting' played
I got my eyes on the prize
Mind on my money, got my money on my mind
Got my money on my mind n***a
[Hook] 2x

N***a know my type I be right on the block
I don't give a f**k if ya'll I got platinum records or not
I be thugin, keeping it real
Holdin it down
From the East to West Bank
Up to downtown
I'm a street n***a
And I keep that work
Keep that heat
B*t*h n***a give me fifty feet
I've been bout uppin
Loadin, c*cking and pullin
Poppin and pullin
I been representin Lousianna to the fullest
I've been ridin 20's
Getting money at 15
Dat there new to ya'll that sh*t throw back to me
I been ridin Benz's
Blingin and all that
If I'm not a Hot Boy then whataya call that
I'm a Vet
I ain't Lebron James
Call me MJ
I'm a legend in the game
Respect my mind
Can't stop my shine
Real n***as they know my kind
[Hook] 2x