Roy Jones Jr.
You a Freak
She wore her hip huggers for me so I could see her thong
Just made 21 she got it goin on
Slow it down ma
You a freak huh
Slow it down ma
You a freak huh
She gave me the phone number
Told me to come over
So we could put a stain on her mama's sofa
Slow it down ma
You a freak huh
Slow it down ma
You a freak huh

I done found my Nefert**i
Beautiful skin tone
Straight out the bottle
Like I dream of Jeanie
She wanted me to come and knock her pants off
And bring something slow that me and her could dance off
She can tell by this bulge in my jeans that I like her
Knowing that I'm a thug and I'm only tryin to yike her, pipe her
Lay it down deep
I hope you got a man cuz it's betta when you creep yeah
She a freak I can tell by the way that she grinding on a n***a
That she ready for the meat
She done heard that I got a little something
I'm nice with my flow but in bed I'm a beast
She wants me to take my time with her
But I'm a dog so you know I gotta beat the pu**y down for her
I got a whole click of cave men that'll cut your
Friends up until the pu**y just cave in

You know what it is
Once S dub gets you to the crib
Lay you down try to pound out your ribs
You're so loud
All the sounds woke the kids
Try to cover her mouth
But she couldn't hold it in
I'm no joke when it comes to the stroke
But before we get to that
Put this here in your throat
You can swallow or spit
I won't be bothered a bit
Just do it quick an keep bobbin your head
S Dub the nastiest
Turn a good girl into one of the trashiest
I'm a fly n***a one of the flashiest
Fly chicks I slide with I'm always smashin em
No Lifestyles give me a Magnum
White chicks call me OJ the way I be stabin em
I never call them back that's why their mad at him
I drive hoe's crazy gotta put 'em in padded rooms

Wow I gotta appet**e
From listening to my own song
I want a cutie with a bootie and some hips with a thong on
Something I can put the long on
Make my lips disappear off in hear ear so we can go on home
Well if she wanna hit the bar first
If she right we can probably make it happen in the car first
Know how I feel about them short skirts
Easy access so I'm a take it easy like I'm off work
Let her show the champ a good time
I really want a beauty queen that's a freak with a good mind
No hoe's bard I want the whole nine
I can stick her anywhere cuz this motherf**ker's so fine
But I'm a beat her with the meat first
I got a hell of a reputation as a champ but I'm a freak first
-oh you a freak huh- you damn right
I'm a trying to leave another stain on your mama's couch every night