Roy Jones Jr.
Rolling 110 Deep
[Intro: DJ Kay Slay & Sheek Louch]
Trackateering Music
Man, y'all did it with this one here, y'all
People love to use that quote, "I'm doin' it for the culture"
But what culture is that that you're talking about?
The one that you claim as a hip-hop artist
But won't do the research on hip-hop history
Or the one where you disrespect, disconnect
And disregard the founding fathers?
But you know what? Whatever it is, it don't even matter
'Cause as long as I'm alive
I'ma show and prove where this culture came from
And what it's really all about
I got you, my n***a, yo, ayo

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]
Count to ten and then come in shootin'
F**k peace, Silverback the new Huey Newton
I feel it, it's in the air, white cop with a stare
New judge in the chair, this sh*t hittin' the fan
But me, I'ma be smart and legalize my sh*t
And I ain't leavin' the house without that in my hand
And it ain't only the cops, it's n***as on your block
That talk like a lil' b*t*h and act like they your man

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Somethin' like Kris Parker, my Uzi weigh a ton
Hundred n***as on the track, then you know I'll be the one
To tell n***as to suck c*ck, run and get a gun
It's old P, new P, prob'ly layin' in the sun
Prob'ly on a P.I., if I call you king
I ain't talkin' 'bout rap, n***a, that status go to B.I
You can f**k around and get burnt like a C.I
More bars than jail, n***a, who tryna get a V.I?
[Verse 3: Dave East]
You dealing with stock owners, conversation with stockbrokers
Make a call for coco, smokin' dope from my crop grower
The block know us, kush got a funky sock odor
How could you not notice? I come from that rock culture (Rock)
Star of the squad but they cannot coach (At all)
Louis Vuitton holster, this for my n***as in the cell
And on they wall, they got a Nicki Minaj poster
The talk's over, no drive-by's, we walked over

[Verse 4: KXNG Crooked]
COB bandana tied to the end of the AR
Iller than they are, rhymes so sick, give 'em the day off
This is the chaos, Nicolas Cage, face off
The dark knight, I make it a dark night when I'm gettin' that K off
Better than whoever done it, even officers better run it
With the drum, I got a technique that'll give twelve a hundred
Now the tables turn, to whom it may concern
I used to control more shooters than David Stern
With Lucifer, hater burn

[Verse 5: Black Thought]
Yo, I was in the park spray-painting on the platform
Patent leather top ten, Space Invader hats on
Eighty something, I've been a threat for that long
Where a lot of people get poked up and clapped on
My job really putting on for the city
You get popped like a wheelie for saying some old silly sh*t
Tell me it'll be safer to say it in Swahili
They be wheeling you away if you say it in South Philly
[Verse 6: Conway the Machine]
Look, thirty shots, I'm shootin' to peel his top
When them n***as sending shots, they shootin' to get the spot
That I'm in, n***a (Hahaha)
You know what it is when I spin the block (Ah)
Uppin' this Draco, the witness is still in shock (Brrr!)
Fluffin' a brick of this yayo, I tilt the pot (Whip)
Tuckin' this fifth, you play with me, you getting shot (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Yeah, n***as still waiting for me to drop (Uh-huh)
I robbed n***as for they base and sold easy rock

[Verse 7: Raekwon]
Fur coats and magnums
Come through the hall with the big blammers
Bentaygas parked, let me handle this
Jewelry that's flashy, jeans is a thousand, we slick nasty
Pull out a hundred in your housing
Yeah, it's raw lingo when the king go
Dutch link, nuts big as sh*t, taste the rainbow (Ayo, yo!)
Put your paper up and threaten sh*t
Or tie something up, send some messages

[Verse 8: Ghostface Killah]
Ayo, ayo, I used to tell a maid, "Sunny side up"
Basement, a chainsaw, money tied up
Paper bag over his head, tell 'em come on, let the cries out
Wave a whole chicken by his legs near the crotch smells
Sweating bullets in the tip, blow torching his flesh
I seen his face melt, drip gooey sh*t on his chest
Watch this motherf**ker beg for mercy
Shoulda let his wiz suck my d**k for the time he j*rked me
[Verse 9: Inspectah Deck]
The soldier I rolls with the coldest clique
Call me prototype, never had a mold to fit
My clothes is dipped, my bros is lit
Only time you been sick is when the COVID hit
Better get in line, I chop the ba** like I'm pitching dimes
Code name Coffee Bean how I hit the grind
Precision design, exquisite with the vivid shine
I'm like a European watch on a different time

[Verse 10: Papoose]
I used to run around with a MAC-10
Back when I was 20 years old, that was back then (30)
30 clip in the 40, move yayo like 50
Man, I hustle like Nip in the Rolling 60s
I was born in the 70's, grew up in the 80's
Got the MAC-90, then I went crazy
Do the mathematics, y'all can't compete (100)
All by myself, I'm 100 deep

[Verse 11: Loaded Lux]
I was on the first 50, now the powers at a dollar
Politician pushing tracks in it, mayor, I president in it
Til it's humbling, think you grounded and get punished
This the second time Slay needed my two cents to keep it a hundred
How you want it? Fake and be a martyr for this matrix?
They gon turn up the AC then charge you for the blankets
Lux verse mean, got you stuck standing there
Like you at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green, what you mean?

[Verse 12: AZ]
My soul is never for sale
My youngin' just did a twelve, he home, he ringing bells
Wish him well, me and mines on different times
Decline from n***a crimes, I'm fine just spitting rhymes
Read the signs, body language is loud
Cowards hang with the crowd, I ain't never changing my style
Then and now, before that was all that
Fall back, official is what you call that

[Verse 13: Bun B]
I be that Third Coast legend, Dirty South icon
Shuttin' sh*t down, soon as they cut my mic on
From the first bar down to the last syllable
N***as that thought they were immortal find out they killable
Once I see blood, I'm like a Great White
Catch you slippin' on a late night and it's no bark, straight bite
Watch you bleed out as reality starts to sink in
You tried the Triple OG (B*t*h) what was you thinking?

[Verse 14: Fred the Godson]
I give the coke to your crew, the b***er's crazy
Fallopian tube, just cut it baby
Gordo b***erfly collar cover the Cubans
She need pads like Ewing, I hope you know what you doin' (Look)
Some paid 4-5 serious
I come through, 4-5, serious
Slay got me Shade 45 Sirius
Gold frame shades 45, Siri

[Verse 15: Jim Jones]
I used to be up in a tunnel like a hundred deep
Screamin', "Nine Trey, Su-Woo" with a bunch of Bs
Never tied up shoes, but every night we would run the streets
N***a, f**k growlin', it was nights I heard my stomach speak
Then I started pumpin' that ba** like they done a beat
Never let sh*t slide 'cause they might think somethin' sweet
N***a, it's July, shots get hot like summer heat
When I pop up, n***as turn vegan, they never wanted beef

[Verse 16: Ransom]
I know these streets with my eyes closed, so my worst fear is to die slow
Lie low, 'cause in '05 you flipped the five-o
And I know, 'cause if Alpo did it to Rich
For some bricks, word to Flex, he had no reason to lie, po'
Aight though, we ain't gotta dwell on the past
Devilish laugh, arrow spins I'm ahead of the crash
Better to clash, when you handle your beef, settle it fast
Metal in mask but still keep an elegant cla**

[Verse 17: Rah Digga]
Who the greatest all time? Where them n***as reside?
I seen all fifty names, man them n***as done lied
I take the first forty-eight, make them n***as retire
Last two we could joust, make them n***as my squad
F**k them, let's see how the ladies fare
Swerve on these b*t*hes like I'm settin' my baby hair
They feel a type way, but they never gon' take it there
They tryna keep it cute 'cause they know that it's safer there
They wouldn't dare

[Verse 18: Billy Danze]
I can't explain what I dealt with
Know it was all weak and creep and stealth sh*t
When I come from under the belt with a metal sh*t
Forever Brownsville, no, I never felt sh*t (You're as cold as ice)
I still got that real world charm, n***a, be alarmed
Body armor on, warmer in my palm (NYC)
Where you get the storm before the calm
OG and we treat it like Vietnam

[Verse 19: Lil Fame]
My generation drank forty ounces of Old English to ease the pain
Y'all n***as drink White Claws, n***a, we ain't the same (kahm-kahm)
It's curfew whenever I come through (kahm-kahm)
Kill the f**kery, them n***as can't f**k with me (come on!)
I'm really 'bout it in the war
Taxiderm' your b*t*h head, mount it on the wall (it's M.O.)
Throw it up, n***a, we stand tall (it's M.O.)
You know what the f**k we stand for, it's M.O

[Verse 20: Trae the Truth]
Too many n***as in here, but never follow the script
It's movie time, release the clip and have 'em doin' a flip
Off-white Virgil, need a whip with the interior Crip
On any given goal to slide, n***a, minus the slip
Checkin' n***as outta line, like it ain't nothin' to skip
Step in my section trying to flex and end up gettin' you stripped
Too many n***as watered down, might go to sinking they ship
And if it's beef, I cut the trip, I never pull up and dip
It's Precious season, n***a

[Verse 21: Joell Ortiz]
Walkin' in the storm, my face had the hatred in it
Mons had the colorful money with the staples in it
Grew up street and I stay committed (Yeah)
Movin' white back and forth over green like table tennis
Guap was pourin' in, my Glock was roarin'
At nineteen, shots hit you like hydroxychloroquine
I'm still forty with the forty close
In the 840 playin' new E-40 with some horny hoes

[Verse 22: Lord Tariq]
(Yeah) Finally, y'all been waiting
To hear a verse for the economy stimulation
With Bible verses forsaken and tribal authorization
We marchin' as we awaken the mobsters across the nation
Ask doubles next to ride
The show gun with Shogun to testify
To show somethin', we hold somethin' that electrifies
N-1 L-B, no one left behind, pause it

[Verse 23: Cory Gunz]
Where I grew up in the world of Pop to give you the shot
When I vodka, the glocka Blocka! and blew the dot
You want attention? I'll give you the spot
And run up on your favorite artist aimin' at him, like, "Do the drop"
I smack the cobble out a gobblin' blogger
Togglin' robbers with my saliva as hot as a pot of lava
And guapa, my mob has been on the sly since Yo Gabba Gabba
Trying to get the drop guava, interior baklava

[Verse 24: Peter Gunz]
Straight out the Bronx, straight off the fall
Straight off the motherf**king claw for who's settin' it off
Blocks where they spark a lot, click with the Glock a lot
Catch you at the parking lot, park you in your parking spot
N***as know it's sex money, flex money, they do a lot
What's better than more letters and buddha spots?
Buck fifties for n***as that don't do a lot
Go ahead and get your shooter, get your shooter shot

[Verse 25: Shaquille O'Neal]
Shaq Dies', front if you want
Flow through the spirit of Kobe, I don't puff on no blunts
My estate got a shuttle, you punks
Funny thing I got places in my place I ain't discover in months (Months)
I naturally hover above 'em, I'm Kal-El
Touchdown in the arena, the crowd yell
And if they want beef, I'm ringing the cowbell
This crispy cream make 'em ring like they found Mel

[Verse 26: Roy Jones Jr.]
Jones, and I don't need no introduction
I'm the best, pound for pound, it's no discussion
Seen some ma** destruction, this how I leave n***as area
Me, Shaq and Gunz, nothin' scarier
A nightmare on Elm Street when I hit the booth
A motivational speaker when I speak the truth
Come down to Pensacola if you need some proof
I could mess your smile up like a missin' tooth
Ahead of my time, but still in a league of my own
I tried to quit, but they just won't leave me alone
If you ain't got the right price, stop callin' my phone
M-mister, y'all must've forgot the king of the throne

[Interlude: DJ Kay Slay & Kool DJ Red Alert]
Aw man! Ayo Kay!
Ayo what up Red Alert?
I don't think they ready for this
Well they better tool up cause I ain't done!

[Verse 27: Redman]
When you hear the shots
I'm not doc*menting, I'm 2Pac-umenting
I'm one of the Beatles, how I'm whippin' from that Lennon
Bye-bye, hater, real n***as winning
The 4th of July don't tell me I'm independent (Nah!)
I'm killing it, bro, my motive locomotive
Zero to ninety-nine like my Netflix loaded (Get em'!)
Telling your boss brick city boys is fire
Never mind, half of y'all be talking through the wire

[Verse 28: Young Buck]
Media slandered me, so that's why I'm slayin' you n***as
Never knew what hit him, got the doctor X-rayin' you n***as
Turned you to a victim, man, I sprinkle some yay' on you n***as
They thinkin' it's drug-related, gotta weigh on you n***as
All on the radio with the beef, got 'em sweatin' like they was Keith
And it's never gonna be peace, I'm shooting up your album release
Baggin' bricks with your niece, come and get you a piece
I'm taking responsibility for the murder increase, it's Buck

[Verse 29: MC Serch]
Kay wanted me to be one of the buck because I been a buck
Back when a pack of Newports was a buck, I was a young buck
On the corner of Monarch, kids from Far Rock hoppin' over the turnstile
To set up shop up top by the Jamaican spot
My joints have been a bop, from vinyl, ca**ettes, CDs and streams
On every Martin Luther Boulevard, they payin' homage to the shooter from Queens
Right now you wanna be this cracker from Queens
Fact though, I'm covered from special fleece to my Wallaby Supremes

[Verse 30: Big Daddy Kane]
This one image is unblemished without one gimmick
Your line of scrimmage, I cross it in one sentence
The core writer for those that lost sight
Of the promenade, now heed the words of the poor righteous
That build with mathematics for those whose path is empty
But y'all know math was in me for the past half a century
Now do the knowledge how the real writers do it
Cause I want the smoke, charcoal, and lighter fluid

[Verse 31: MC Shan]
Talk sh*t, but I could back up game
The way you silly motherf**kers on the mic talk the same old same
How you wouldn't hesitate to kill, buck, rack, attack
Ask him if he said to Shan, he said, "F**K THAT!"
Bullsh*t, I'm not the one to get with
Pressure gets so violent, givin' a f**k what I hit
I play your songs like a lullaby that put me to sleep
And I sing it like a pu**y that's this deep

[Verse 32: KRS-One]
KRS is big and scary
I'm that legend, getting cream, legendary
Hear me, I rocked this, shocked this, hip-hop this
I woke and I wake up, these rappers are not this
The hotness, I would knock some of these rappers out
But you can hear they already unconscious
I got this, on the top list, fake, I'm not this
Temple of Hip-Hop, rising to the top, kid

[Verse 33: Jon Connor]
Every verse is a persecution, it's murder music
You get cursed, the room is like army, they get the hearses movin'
Fire sh*t, you get burned and ruined, it's burnin' fuses
Bunch of designer, heard a human loses, deserve these bruises (Go)
Nobody tellin' me that it could ever be somebody better
I got a vendetta, I mean every word, every letter
Ahead of my time and you know not to ever put me in position
Designed to put these rappers out of commission
All I spit is dope and after this, y'all gon' need intervention
Taking it back to that driving ambition

[Verse 34: Twista]
Look up to Twista how I be killing 'em like I'm in Wimbledon
I make a sweep when I'm doing the murdering
I put the cinnamon up in the pendulum
Minimum damage I would never do, I dead 'em like a barbiturates
Omnivorous with the flow, it don't matter which bar I bit you with
I could reorganize the confusion of a child Pharaoh
Now munch on that food for thought from a p*ss poor pimp from the ghetto
Hmm, I am approaching so I hope you're using a radar
Causing beautiful chaos in this unusual séance

[Verse 35: Drag-On]
Itchy trigger finger, watch me finger f**k it, n***as bust and
Squeeze the biscuit, hit him in his English muffin, repercussion
Call the homies, n***as spray the corner, now they fallin'
On the white sheet and bars, drag rappers by they wife beater
Drama King told me "Drag, go stupid," so Imma go stupid
Made this fitted cap a drop top, almost mini couped it
Stick shift, automatic, automatic big clip, round clip
Hit a n***a while I downshift, yeah

[Verse 36: Chris Rivers]
It's me again, all I be is win, never if
If you see a lens, it's probably CNN or a gif
I could rat-a-tatter, your brain matter get scattered
And served up on a platter, they call it data, baiting cappers
I'm more like Beta Kappa, I'm great like your great great grandma
And they wanna protect with this Great Lake grammar
It's Rivers, that's why I gotta be called, decide if you fall
Or have to wear a thought or break a side of the law
And fight for yours

[Verse 37: Nino Man]
We a hundred deep, don't give a f**k 'bout your capacity
They tell me who they favorite, I ain't hatin' but they trash to me
Y'all know this my world so I'ma hold it down like gravity
I'm bitin', that's a casualty, I'm blowin' out your cavities
Keep a pocket rocket for the people pocket watchin'
Pull up with a Glock and c*ck it, got you beggin' not to pop it
Y'all gotta stop, I want more cash and more fast
I went on a run like I'm all gas from all bad

[Verse 38: Locksmith]
You're dealing with a locksmith, my mindset is too meticulous
Rhymes melt when I sing like the wings from Kid Icarus
Every rap is indicative, diction is like a diction
I'm ditching that status quo to inhabit flows that I st**ched in
You're pitching garbage, each comment is like a gauntlet
A conscious effort to execute rappers that try to test it
Ingest them and exit through my excrement through my intestine
Intestinal fort**ude afforded you is what you left with

[Verse 39: 3D Na'Tee]
I don't smoke but stay with a cig like Mary-Kate Olsen
'Cause my patience short as D Brees or DeRozan
I ain't a Fashion Nova model that swallow rappers for follows
Just for mentions on blogs with flaws like it Apollo
But keep the toolie, pockets blue like Tookie, patience short as Uzi
You a groupie, you a rat like Mickey, you look like a goofy
Out your kufi, yeah you out your top, thinkin' you gon' move me
You like Sookie, you suck d**k for chips, I'm too rich and choosy, b*t*h

[Verse 40: Trick Trick]
I ain't gotta tell you what I've done, who I am or where I'm from
If you don't know it by now then you just dumb
I ain't got no pistols, inf beams, choppers or no Dracos
No car, no girlie, beams or no bankrolls
I buy shares, land, LLCs and payrolls
Kuwaiti and Bahraini dinar, gold bouillon
Mutual funds, n***a, f**k a dollar and a peso
I got seven investors that'll invest when I say so

[Verse 41: Tragedy Khadafi]
Hey yo, max eight lines, I wrote this spinning a yarn though
Foul mind, the villainous Queens, Lance Feurtado
Mean face Murcielago, over god flows
Salute that, sh*t on schedule like it's Jumu'ah
I don't do the work, I just stuff bags to pa** shooters
Let the foreign skirt, squeeze semi and let it squirt
All the facts, all the chow now, getting rich off of merch
Laser beams, I done turn n***as' Foamposites to red bottoms

[Verse 42: E-A-Ski]
Yeah I'm underrated and I never sold my soul
And I never switched slang to sound southern when the game changed
N***as say they real, til you see 'em on the real
Then you find out they a b*t*h a** n***a, just with a record deal
For real, the internet gon' get these n***as killed
Hide behind that keyboard cuz, gon' make some blood spill
Your insecurity gon' make this .45 open up your mind and bring enlightenment
And then you'll have more clarity

[Verse 43: Ca**idy]
If I roll a hundred deep, it's two hundred fists, two hundred feet
At least a hundred guns so every n***a get one apiece
B*t*h, I'll p*ss on the tombstone you underneath
This sick, don't play this sh*t if your stomach weak
I can stomach beef, I done faced danger
I squeeze like a waist trainer then you will lose stomach meat
I run the streets, so when Ca** scheme, that mean
They gotta get shot like a mandatory vaccine

[Verse 44: Bumpy Knuckles]
Out of sight, out of mind, til I creep up behind
Double barrel shots you out, everything on your mind
Figure that, like the next line you tryna consider
But you careful so you dumb down, you ain't no spitter
Then you post, you got beef, tell me you ain't no hitter
You a tweeter, who admire flame more than his heater
From the days of the park jams, blowin' the tweeters
Rugged raps with a DJ cut in the meetings

[Verse 45: Gillie the King]
G-G-Get 'em!
Let me give you facts, before CashApp
I was frontin' n***as workin', they was bringing cash back
Before Instagram was selling up instant grams
Connect 'em and I can never f**k with no middle man
Before the fake jewelry and n***as with all the cappin'
40 karats in my Philly, this n***a was all platinum
Huh? You little n***as in the way
This million dollar payday's me and my n***a Kay Slay

[Verse 46: Ice-T]
It's the West Coastin', New Yorkin', low-ridin', Crip-walkin' n***a
Anyone can get it, masked like the pandemic
N***as mad I don't pick up, I got multiple phones
Slay took a month to find me, got multiple homes
Pop off, my black talons will bullet your vest
(Gun noises) 300 blackout, fully suppressed
Cut through your cold crew like a saw blade
Then up at Mr. Chow's eatin' saute

[Verse 47: Treach]
Jersey Journal, where the next signal infernal
And eat chicken with friction before I try 'em, kidnap the colonel
Trigger t**le, trigger finger, trigger treacherous
Double shots of extortion, exercise to an exorcist
Exercise my freedom, beat 'em when I leave 'em, eat 'em
Even when the odds ain't even, I get even
With Kay Slay, f**k they play, the rebirth and replay
Mr. Slap-Your-Favorite-DJ, this all has changed on eBay
It's Jers'!

[Verse 48: Kool G Rap]
Top billing how we Gizmo and Milk sh*t
Grimy crimies, did all the dirt and the filth with
Yeah, my young buck days was on the real strip
Fillmore Slim sh*t, straight off a film strip
I ran through more fine women than Wilt did
Superstars, chem fills b*t*hes with some soft and silk lips
Made a killing off of dealing that real fix
Numbers like a pinball wizard, tilly-tilt sh*t

[Verse 49: Lil Cease]
I'm the product of Frank White
Whoever acting tough gets stage frights
Getting clearer visions of grave sights
So get my cake right, something in the bake and it ain't light
Or something in your face and it ain't life
So don't play with me, Hell gates await
When I come to the 8th, I shoot it faithfully
And tell Mitch to pray for me
Slay with the AK n***a, that's my speciality
Brooklyn forever, M.A.F.I.A 'til the death of me

[Verse 50: RJ Payne]
Look, for my next verse I done left Earth
The internet done triple my net worth off a sweatshirt
Expert, I let the TECs work, your neck chirp
Been a devil, bench press metal, I'm doin' chest work
One of the deepest, see you've been warned
Please believe you're now lookin' at Jesus in human form
I'm Jet Li, respect me like you speakin' to Scooter Braun
The newest legend in the league, I lead with my shootin' arm
It's Payne

[Verse 51: JR Writer]
All you a**holes finished, I don't have those limits
You'll get this work in all black, it's a black-owned business
But you cats don't get it, that's why I'm stunting on you newbies
Your father was a super fan, your mother was a groupie
That's why I trip like, "Who you tryna rap with?"
Sounding nothing like yourself, who you tryna catfish?
Like you bodied that sh*t, shut your lying a** lips
Do I look like I been playing n***a? Colin Kaepernick, motherf**ker

[Verse 52: Shoota 93]
You got the memo, murder game is my M.O. (Fact though)
Lurk the frontline, not from out of the window (No!)
Take a life, then take your jewels for a memento
You make it to the outro, you got to pay for the intro
Like a nympho, ain't f**kin' around, I ain't (I'm not)
Shoota a sure shot, like a D in the paint
Don't need a long stick, just a .38, I'm straight
One dome shot, that's how I show restraint (Shoota!)

[Verse 53: Ms. Hustle]
They like damn we ain't heard from you in a minute
Sh*t get great from my present see b*t*h I'm gifted
They said it's only right they callin' me cold see I'm the sickest
I heard it just like Curse of the Lottery you hoes is scripted
Don't get it twisted me and you was a difference
I'm a superstar you role playin' b*t*hes is pimpin'
Oh and did I mention, keep me up out your mentions
You b*t*hes ain't soldiers y'all just be wantin' attention

[Verse 54: Vado]
Hey yo New York, get the money, five boroughs of death
My dude was called, where's the money, fire, birds and meth (Hey!)
Hood Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Iceberg, and Sweats
First baguettes, Big Stepper learn the steps
Earn respect with connects 'cause my word was kept (Yes!)
Swerve the 'Vette like Sean Paul for more medicine
Fur gon' slip, like I don't spit, burn the blessed
The truth, 2Pac jewels like I serve them wet

[Verse 55: Mysonne]
This homicide was prophesized before I was a toddler's size
Any job n***a, I am overqualified
I'm the kind of n***a whose cloth it be hard to find
Integrity? I put mine over dollar signs
A n***a play me, then he out his mind
As long as my n***as is winnin', I ain't gotta shine
If you can't see I'm a G, then you kinda blind
Die 'fore you disrespect me, n***a, bottom line

[Verse 56: Mistah F.A.B.]
Return of the barbaric barbarian bar spitter
Bar 9 bar guns ballin' like bar mitzvah
You bar 9 your bars done I'm Barific
My bars gifted real rapper my bars Christmas
Cooked like a bar & grill I spit these bars in your grill
Homer bluehead keep a mag I'm Bart Simpson
My bars mention muscle bars I'm bar benchin'
Ted Danson have a beer and cheer these bars pimpin'

[Verse 57: Saigon]
I see these n***as flex as if I ain't one of the best at this
And wonder why I'm attacking the mic like a pessimist
My name should be next to excellence, bless the globe
With the pestilence, like methodin', and put in work like a Mexican
A record for killin' tracks, somethin' like John Gotti
What he have, like 19? I just caught 99 bodies
Slay, I'm sorry, I know this hip-hop camaraderie
But since nobody bodied me, don't accept my apology

[Verse 58: Melle Mel]
Stop chasing props n***as, top n***as march
By the cops, followed hot blocks, they pop n***as
I ain't one of you n***as, I'm a pair of Gators
You a pair of Uggs, you ugly but you comfortable n***a
I'm the OG, pre-Cardi n***a, the diamond in the back
Cadillac black, Pretty Ricky, Maserati n***a
The god-body, rock a party n***a
That can socially distance your head from your motherf**kin body n***a

[Verse 59: Grandmaster Caz]
I'm so Bronx, n***a, my middle name is Jonas
BX microphonist, also known as
The Bronx bomber, comma, hip-hop's Barack Obama
Osama, Dalai Lama, either way gon' be some drama
I'm the one even your momma fall for
I'm droppin' the bat and take it first n***a ball four
I'm roundin' the bases while n***as trip over they shoelaces
With they screwfaces, mic broke in two places

[Verse 60: Havoc]
100 deep, know how we roll
Find where a n***a sleep, blowing out peepholes
Nothing never been sweet but we icy cold
Put a price on n***as' head for that sh*t you said
Got back so we boomerang, watch what you say
Hot sh*t'll spray, in a box you will lay
Know the Mobb be the gang with the Drama King
Always gonna hold it down, that's what I promised P

[Verse 61: Tracey Lee]
I did it, y'all forgot, I'm still with the scripture
Every bar has a plot and these lines are configurate
The mind over mine over mind over the pendant
I am signing on the plot I will put 'em in the blender
A dope spitter with a pro black agenda
Supported by the black referendum
And this only a sliver of the splendor
Homie it's the sensei
A dope boy with a flow no lo contendere

[Verse 62: E.D.I. Mean]
They told me pu**y and paper go together like problems and pistols
I'm a problem to pussies who want to play with my issue
I'm pullin' rappers close, that sh*t you wrote was half-a**
I'm way past first cla**, laugh when your hearse pa**
I Kill 'em with kindness, King EDI the highest
Me, Noble, Slay, you can see we the flyest
We load the spray, pu**y n***as retire
100 deep, now you can watch us rise up

[Verse 63: Young Noble]
When 'Rock the Bells' dropped, I was locked into hip hop
Fresh off the porch with my brother Sean's boom box
Around the same time when I heard Illmatic
I was on my block, sellin' long dimes to the addicts, yeah
I remember back when Rae dropped the purple tape
We was young Outlawz, tryna raise the murder rate
Me against the world when I first heard Doggystyle
Still screamin' "F**k the world, doggystyle"

[Verse 64: McGruff]
No more mumble rap, back to that boom bap
No cap, I'm in the trap where the goons at
Peace to all my n***as up top, getting them lunes back
Salute to the brother of me and my n***a Loon back
Harlem World's finest, let's be honest
You don't gotta give me dap, n***a, just pay homage
Peep my steps, always keep the piece on deck
I'm from the danger zone where we handle beef by death, n***a

[Verse 65: Stan Spit]
Everybody's an opp, plenty bodies'll drop
Slay hit me up, told me body the block
Go ape the whole eight, no way they hold weight
They so fake, okay? I won't play, ya don't say?
Kay sh*t, basic when they spit
Face it, we not only the zone, we the matrix
Your algorithm rhythm off balance
I'm 'bout to start the "We don't care if you die" challange

[Verse 66: Sickflo]
Live from the Wire but I reside in the A
You admire the attire, I am sighin' today
No Jaden but I'm Lord Raiden
Show you with all the cadence
Lightning in my tips, with these scripts, I'm full paid in
And what a great game in heaven, boosted my cranium
Bars became za induced with t**anium
Stars beyond Mars, the truth, I'm so empty
With six spliffs in the booth, it hits like Vibranium

[Verse 67: Fredro Starr]
Ayo Kay Slay, we can't let the BS slide
The game ain't been the same since DS died
Got five n***as jumping out the GS5
Will leave my gun smoking like a PS5
DS5 the street rap, somebody tell me where the streets at
This that sh*t to make the heat clap
From my n***as selling cheap packs
Them n***as keep straps, the Onyx is the kings of that street rap

[Verse 68: Sticky Fingaz]
It is Sticky, don't make me put my hands on you
N***a, I could tell you what each one of my fingers do
My pinky finger, that's with the pink ring at
And my ring finger, never put a ring on that
And my middle finger? That's how I feel about that
I use my index finger to make that thing clap
And my thumb, I ain't got a use for that
So I put it in a b*t*h a** while I f**k her from the back

[Verse 69: Ras Ka**]
What you lames claim is relevant ain't
The culture's five elements, felons pistol whip your pelican vapes
I shoulda named the metal Baretta the Drake
Givin' em back to back hits 'til your skeleton breaks
Yo take a new era super head in my Wraith
Givin' me fitted call it the 7 and 1-8
Each one of my bars smoke ya whole 16
How you trap in your mom's necklace and wear big jeans?

[Verse 70: Termanology]
I ace the motherf**kin' track like a pro's supposed to
I'm blowin' up in this b*t*h, you know, Apollonia
And anytime I did a rhyme, I did it for the culture
The doctor said I need a culture, I might have the 'rona
I beat the sh*t and now I'm like a hundred times stronger
Run for the block and flippin' rocks to a stock holder
Hold my composure, bring my hand up when the shots over
A hundred deep with the soldiers, and we shoulder to shoulder

[Verse 71: DJ Doowop]
Yo, I live a DJ's dream, hearin' fans scream
Cash in my hand green, they wanted to ban me
'Cause most of it was tax free, at last, me and Slay connect
N***as know the outcome
We got mixtapes with features better than your album
Bounce Master with the Street Sweeper
For you heat seekers and them double D cup ladies and IG divas
My mixtape gave your boyfriend power
Holla at me when y'all got my flowers (Bounce)

[Verse 72: Junior Reid]
I'm Junior Reid, I run these streets
Killin' all these hip-hop beat
Hey, I just can't be defeat
One blood family, we came here to eat
When I roll, you know I roll deep
My hand stay strong and you know we don't cheat
Trap for the money and you know we don't sleep

[Verse 73: Oun P]
If it's beef, then we don't make up after talkin'
It's a high chance you gon' be with makeup in the coffin
I think I bust the rhymes the way that the cops claimin' us
Like "put your hands where I could see before it get dangerous"
F**k twelve and whoever gave 'em information
State property parties, you wanted invitations?
You don't wanna do that, family
Them people gon' have to move your family, it ain't a movie y'all

[Verse 74: Merkules]
You woke up a sleeping giant, there's no one breathing this fire
It's me, I'm known globally mostly for being violent
I'm closing up both of your eyelids cause no one seeing me rhyming
F**k quarantine, I'm outside, I'm a morbid beast on the mic
These are more than schemes that I'm writing
It's for the fiends and the piper
New cocoa leaf, it ain't Pyrex, hoping that they don't die next
Shoutout to street sweeper, I breathe ether, my team G'd up
The streets need us like cheap heaters and clean sneakers

[Verse 75: Wais P]
Wais P, you should have gave me the whole song (Why?)
'Cause I'm doper than the sh*t Demi Lovato overdosed on
Put a ho on every corner you post on, poison potion
Give you my life on every track that I spoke on
Blow bullets 'til the barrel is hot enough to cook coke on
Phasers photon, never on stunt, give you the whole drum
Wanna know why I'm on the second run? I go dumb
Plus a hundred rounds beats fifty in any gun

[Verse 76: Maino]
I can spot the lies in they lines, what lines in they eyes
Is fear, you hear? A coward cries when he dies
I was down now I'm up, they surprised by my rise
I've been out, fresh fade, b*t*hes thought that I was Nas
Lord please forgive me, I'm a sinner
Sweat suits, gold ropes swinging like a 80s dope dealer
Trust me, I get iller, underneath the chinchilla
The street sweeper, Kay Slay with a hundred killers

[Verse 77: Uncle Murda]
Always been disrespectful, never been polite
Slay got me on the record with a bunch of n***as I don't like (I really don't though)
Them n***as corny, and their verses is not hard
Probably like ten rappers on this record that I got robbed
I'm the truth, I'm just realizing my worth
N***as gon' turn this sh*t off after they hear my verse (I don't blame 'em)
And f**k whoever feel disrespected
N***as gon' be mad Kay Slay put me on this record (Ah)

[Verse 78: PT Capone Mobstyle]
The best ever, bulletproof, the vest leather
Head shot, talkin' big bags of cheddar
Harlem, we run sh*t, you fags sleep
Cemetery, last stop, your bag's deep
Six feet, gun and a mask, my team creep
Mausoleum, you can see 'em, your team's sleep
Harlem, mob style, we run sh*t
Sheet rock, bury n***as for dumb sh*t

[Verse 79: Tony Starks]
Grenades, bombs and rocket launchers
The smell of dead bodies, the odor comes back to haunt ya
Gucci vests from Dapper Dan, mountains of blow on a gla** table
Look like a goddamn avalanche
Construction bags of snow, one scale
One doctor just in case your blood pressure fail
We got diesel, weed, coke and lean by the pail
Two phones next to that old b*t*h out in Wales

[Verse 80: Mike Cee]
Show a sign, force on the course, it's authentic
You cross the sauce, try to be boss, get lost in it
That's a early retirement, call it a forced finish
F**k a Porsche with horse, I put your horse with Porsche in it
N***a Mike Cee, syllable, syllabicate
Syllabicate, it's so real, realize, realization
Realization, realize, real
S-Syllabicate, s-syllabicate, syllables, Mike Cee

[Verse 81: Royal Flush]
I swear to God if I die tonight, I'm taking a few n***as with me
My little man just came home doing 5 so I gave him 50
I ain't gave his Dior back meaning I got this Llama with me
Run Scott my papers 50 sellin' bricks I don't f**k with dizzies
Keep a lot of shooters outside it's gon be hard to clip me
Before I surrender to God and Mississippi
Got these b*t*hes being my mule to get some bigger t**ties
Falling cost me 260 got another 60 with me

[Verse 82: Super Lover Cee]
F**k y'all, thought I better talk, caught up a narrative
I sat back watching you tryna figure what bag it is
Imagine if I came back, Super Lover with savages
And put a tilting was building change the average of marriages
Cause she's still after me due to audio in audacity
For cardio and the tune grooving room at capacity
When parties over, we boom boom, for you it's gravity
A tragedy, by two masterpieces causing catastrophe

[Verse 83: Page Kennedy]
You could have a hundred verses from my hundred persons
But this one emerges
And it's curtains when you get to squirting on a piece of Birkin
Detroit is a mindset, as soon as the verse ends, you rewind it
Knowing that the Drama King was behind it
I'm Page Kennedy don't let the last man escape
Get your a** kicked by a movie star that looks more like an asterisk
Get your bifocal lens
You a fighter that wouldn't even punch vocals in

[Verse 84: Rockness]
I spit stupid, you just stupid
Don't even walk off your porch, you should just stoop it
You too b*t*h for this goon sh*t, it ain't just music
We shoot you and jam to your death, no Rick Rubin
Yo my gun blow drumroll, til it unload
Or til the gun broke, then punch holes through a chump's soul
I'm muggin', it's just jokes, I'm friendly and sh*t
Get higher it's the highway to heaven, I'll send you a lift

[Verse 85: Gunplay]
(Gunplay) 762s, n***a never left clues
Crib looking like a motherf**kin evidence room
And I keep a street sweeper, nothing less than this broom
And that's only when I'm in a f**kin excellent mood
I got four nine-pieces on a four-door panel
Louis open-toed sandals, overdose on those samples
Living legend in the 'jects, n***a daddy every threat
Homie died in his holster, got the weapon, never left

[Verse 86: Sadat X]
The pandemic got n***as searching for endemic
You either win or you a dub, f**k the club, don't get it f**ked up
It's still paid for the bin
And you just gotta find a f**king way in
Now we gonna see who's a boss
And rise above the COVID or take a f**king loss
Wear the mask or don't, I don't give a f**k
I'ma still get a buck and a gold medal, I will never settle

[Verse 87: Grand Puba]
I be the block (Dynamite) so hit the sheets to the streets
Like playing games with Jamar's will beat your feet
I'ma drop a straight 8 for my n***a Kay's beat
We go back like Fat Jack my n***a Harlem heat
Got bodies for a throttle smashing King Midas
Put the drip in the game drop jewels and pop bottles
I'm valedictorian ask any historian
I'm back from streets you pullin' up in that Delorean

[Verse 88: Lord Jamar]
I'ma keep the knowledge, yeah, two cyphers
(Keep it a hundred) Lord J and Kay Slay, that's two triflers
We roll deep when we hold heat
Stay away or get sprayed with a new virus
They manufactured a new crisis
With plans to capture your third iris
I stand with the stature of the bird ibis
I'm like Dawoodi when I'm doing my duty (facts)

[Verse 89: Sonja Blade]
I'm from where Big and Hov came Pop Smoke cocaine
Rope slayin' over coats and them dope rope chains
Bed-Stuy Veteran fella been ridin'
Better than I've ever been America's bidin'
Harris no comparison since
So don't let that fly sh*t go to your head like Mike Pence
I got seniority Francis Sorority
Sonja Blade b*t*h just respect my athority

[Verse 90: Coke La Rock]
Lets take it back to the essence where it all began (Yeah)
Hip-hop, the original man (C'mon)
First emcee ain't my claim to fame
'Cause I been getting money, ain't a damn thing changed
I'm Coke La Rock and I'm still on the scene (Let's go)
The true OG to the culture you're in (Okay)
Bronx legend, respect the crown
And pay homage where it started, we call it the Boogie Down

[Verse 91: Greg Nice]
I'm from the era catching cabs on Broadway
Put 'em on hold, ride around town all day
Way before the Uber and a Lyft it was OJ
Do the kickstep, man, just like Kid Play
We're on the east side like DJ Kay Slay
Smoke your chronic up, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre
Sprinkle my man, E-40, he from the bay
Yo I say b***er man and you say Parkay

[Verse 92: Smooth B]
Smooth B kick sh*t Pelé like soccer
You that man in the middle, c*ckblocker
I been a G, never been a sucker
I don't hide, never scared, not a ducker
Above the Rim like I'm in Harlem at the Rucker
Motherf**ker, I'm thorough with this
I ring bells around the world every borough with this

[Verse 93: Consequence]
Always had the bands like Coi Leray
So I'm young enough to relate to the YouTubers
Old enough to still date a few cougars
Yet the struggle became a weapon for me
So success became a separate story
But them cheques, got 'em checkered for me
Sh*t, I'm shooting from Steph' territory
And I get more love than Diddy's license
We rollin' a hundred deep, and I'm the city's nicest

[Verse 94: Millyz]
Look, I'm Tommy Egan in the Honda weaving
Leave your Mama grieving for the non-believing
On the deacon, Dominican mommy ganja steaming
Bomb with demons that'll take your chain and go to pond to peacing
I quit trapping cause my music is dope
You might've saw me in the lane but I'm truly the goat
You try to tell him calm down, bro was doing the most
They left him in the hospital with a tube in his throat

[Verse 95: OT the Real]
I trap with the guys knowing I'ma capitalize
But slaps I'ma drive to DC those capital rides
Put rappin' aside I got yak and captions to buy
She smashin' up lines so big they look like capital I's
We back in the times so start us here you back in the pines
Snap but I'm fine the Henny and the gas intertwine
I smash and I grind got the work stashed with the 9
I'm where they'll put you on a shirt like a fasion design

[Verse 96: Ron Artest]
You from the hood Uptown Queens New York
Save the milk cereal with the fork
Scraped the plate and now get the f**k out my way
We on the grind yes I got a lot on my mind
Back in the days I used to wanna punch them in face
I changed my ways and now I just wanna get paid
Smoking haze out a trombone Nicholas Cage
Fire tire is burning times is turning

[Verse 97: Kaflow]
Kaflow Kaboom rolling a hundred deep
Ever since a young wolf, I always hunted sheep
I already killed all the wolves that wanted beef
Seen a n***a brains on the floor and it made ya stomach weak
I'm from the streets where they brag about puttin' you underneath
A lot of n***as gon' get shot before the summer reach
Take you to the balcony, hang you from your feet
My office hours are from nine to five, not from one to three

[Verse 98: Tone Trump]
A living legend like Slay on The Box
The big dime baby I'm like Jay to the opps
Purple Coogi Purple Tape I'm like Rae to the opps
When it time it ain't the mink then i'm playin' the fox
I'm sorry king of these Pradas and not Adidas
NDF We the mob and I'm the leader free the opps
Fear the law, get money, and flee the cops
F**k the judge f**k the feds cause they the opps

[Verse 99: Hocus 45th]
Sickening, street smart but the flow ignorant
Henchmen, but never wear no Jimmy when I'm hittin' it
Big up to the game, bookstores, no more memberships
Shout out to the cub and Dior, free the innocent
Outlaw, live by often, I would die for
I get all the blame, someone get shot, they say it's my fault
So when they talk, I just pay 'em never mind
Cause when I spot em, I'ma dot em like the letter I

[Verse 100: Omar Epps]
I'm Toussaint Louverture, unfamiliar? Google more
Gurkha out the humidor, wise man who fool 'em all
Prove 'em wrong, told Kay Slay I would do the song
Move along if you ain't about that communion, dawg
Through the fog and darkness, the world be in peril
'Til we expel the devils and renew the godly process
I'm blessed, not pressed but I'm vexed, the game culture
Brothers obeyin' other suckers who ain't of us
We reppin' that red, black and green, that's a thing
Like Pythagorean themes that put data in the machines
The latter means I saw a lot, Earth a tourist spot
Still we universal beings, this rehearsal VN
P.S., we turn T-shirts to tuxedos
With flowers from the mall with no GMOs or cheat codes
The power is in lovin' the death of your own ego
O.E. go, that's that Brooklyn

[Verse 101: Bodega Bamz]
Who really the best rapper since Pun ain't here?
Y'all know the answer to that when Bamz in here
The most underrated, the most hated, the most doing the most
The most almost famous, the most favorite
Bodega getting them chips again, what happened?
First cla** back from Switzerland, no capping
I'm the voice they wanna silence, who said it's late?
It's perfect timing
Load up the Uzi, headshot, take the diamond

[Verse 102: Bynoe]
In the car with 2 blicks them sh*ts got 3 attempts on it
You gon be the first full body
Toe tag zip em up the doc won't st**ch em up
Sucka a** n***as been lollipops
Spin the block twice won't leave til a body drop
My influence in the hood is impeccable
Stir fry something turn a n***a to a vegetable
*gunshot sounds*

[Verse 103: PTKNY]
It's P dot T dot K n***a
I'm back looking for drama I'm here to slay n***as
NYC tryna be A n***as
Blatant only way you figured out to get paid n***a
And let them n***as have they own style
And act like you n***as really from home
You know that where they sh*t was grown
And leave that drill sh*t alone too
Before the shot gets to drilling you

[Verse 104: Aobie]
These rappers hoein' now, doin' anything to get papes
Even my DMs like a b*t*h to do a mixtape
I be killin' sh*t, I need a sponsorship from Ruger
Been ahead of my time, it's like I rhyme from the future
If n***as want trouble, homie, the trouble suit us
Ran up on you snakes, got me feeling like Medusa
They say they from the Bay, I'm nowhere specific
But those that don't know, n***a it's a difference

[Verse 105: King Kirk]
It's getting real hard to eat, no time to argue
Blow a driveway through your chest, let it park you
The broads done rip apart you
Sunset dark you, leave you hard to recharge, it'll restart you
No cinema like our own theatre scarier
Big Dubez, King Kirk, Brando, three of the thieves
Period, lyricists, storytellin'
Cordelen, split your f**kin' watermelon

[Verse 106: Big Dubez]
4D! I go up top they take enough shots (enough shot)
Now I'm home, we see what's up then (home now)
Let you tell it, you Teddy Bruckshot
All I'm hearing is Teddy Ruxpin
Trust and believe, sleep on the D's
Get tough then, mics, I crush them
Causin' disruption, we talkin' a tusslin'
Figure four rap, n***a, f**k all the fussin'
End of discussion

[Verse 107: Tony Moxberg]
I been livin' on the road for the past week (For real)
Makin' more moves than an athlete (Uh huh)
I'm from the backstreets where they pack heat
I deliver, got more drop offs than a taxi
Hated by the ones who love, sh*t's weird
I been seein' six figures for like six years
Young boy goin' dumb and he 'bout to go dumber
Two sticks on him, he think he a drummer

[Verse 108: Styleon]
A fist up for black people, our lives matter
Like your life, but my life, they won't understand it
Traumatic stress on my hands, this is from being captured
Mutilated like castration, part of them chapters
But this a never ending story, them pages continue
My shade part of that food chain minus the menu
It's deeply rooted in genetics, the past that we've been through
Original Hebrew, got me feelin' it sacrificial

[Verse 109: Chuck D]
I got the power I'm putting in, punching the clock like the '99
'89 before that seventy-five
When I was around and I first rhymed
While many searched hard for punchlines
I had some that you cannot find
Had some that you can't rehearse
All I had to do was voice a verse, the Kay Slay show

[Verse 110: Sauce Money]
F**k chill, I think it's time that people really know
What's real, nobody else get to spin it
I know these haters won't condone, everything I own
Pointed at the throne, and I don't care who's sittin' in it
Bank on that, nobody son trust
After the clashes and the ashes come dust
You came for the fame, you gotta do what one must
But me, I'm only here to eradicate the unjust
Real talk, motherf**kers the worst
They ain't grow into f**k n***as, they were suckers from birth
Rub shoulders and then it's over, you touch 'em you cursed
I can't wait to put love in reverse
The verse woulda been iller if it wasn't for Slay
He said "'Sau it's for the culture, not today"
I said "Cool, and usually you're always right
But just remember culture vultures ain't always white"

[Outro: DJ Kay Slay]
DJ Kay Slay, the drama king
Rolling 110 deep
That's right!
It had to be done!
Everything revolves 360°
What comes around goes around
Bring it back to the talent over popularity
Start talkin' to the people
Instead of about the people
Don't test me
You f**k around next time
I do rolling 200 deep on you motherf**kers!