T-Rex vs Hollohan
[Round 1: Hollohan]
Grown man bars, that’s something you gotta deal with
No matter how many times you use that catchphrase
We’ll still know you’re a real bitch
See I’m the same man on or off the camera
You was propaganda
Real life; lots of manners, proper grammar, do whatever the doc asks ya
I’m getting lean, no strength machines
I mean promethazine with the jolly ranchers
Come on my strip I’ll take ya top off like exotic dancers
I T-Rex, get eaten alive here by these Toronto Raptors
Become a fossil after, I don’t even know why you spit bro
So since you can’t bust a rhyme (Busta Rhyme)
Then I’ma eat em like you Flipmode
So Gimme Some Mo cuz “This shit Dangerous" Rex
So Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See yo I’ma Break Ya Neck”
I was in ya car Rex, with a girl that T bone
You know giving me a ride
Nah bring it back, you’ll be in a car wreck when ya T bone
So it’s only right I hit it on the side
I’ll have Randy's family drown, buried where they can’t be found
Like I just got a camera for a gift, I can’t put that cannon/Canon down
See that first can hit em with a slap, you still stand your ground
T too small, the second hand close/clothes like hand-me-downs
You say you rolling with Dot Mob they’re bitches
Bunch of Smack rappers crossing borders, they’re snitches
You see this rat get stripped ass naked, bare witness
You just as delusional as him if you believe anything he saying thought
This guy gets all his world news from the Grand Theft Auto radio
I got that hardcore crew with short fuses, we’re sore losers
Of course shooters we Jedi Mind force users
I’m the reason for my torn future, sworn looper
We storm troopers like George Lucas and you’re useless
Laughing while you messed the fuck up like porn bloopers
See bringing Mook with you, it clearly didn’t help
So do what you do best and start embarrassing yourself, Rex
[Round 1: T-Rex]
Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of them times he fuck with them Canada drugs
He need to come to Harlem to get some real shit
Blackout 5, you know they had to have me in the spot
A n***a that’ll sneak up on you while you put the key in the lock
I pull it out and then squeeze it and… shoutout to Organik
You done brought the King Of the Dots to the King Of The Dot
This n***a beating me? Not a chance
This shit is sorta like a fumble, it done got outta hand
I’ll pick it up, cock it.. wait, wait, wait…
This shit gon be like Hitman loading up a gun
All you gon see is bullets in Holla hand (Hollohan)
I couldn’t bring my hammer on the flight now
But it’s a guarantee my Dot Mob n***as is crossing that Canada bridge
Right now
And every gun that they got been cleaned off, wiped down
Cuz I been waiting to kill me a white n***a since Mike Brown
This n***a beating me? You think I came all the way this far to lose? Not!
Especially to a overhype n***a that smoke moon rocks
4-5th so big, it’ll make the moon rock
Let off a few shots, send that n***a to the boondocks
This ratchet that I carry don’t come out a toolbox
I’ll have doctors repairing his soul/sole like a shoe shop
The options I’ma give em… Boom! Boom! Boom! Bop!
I promise you gon see a BIG murder like Mook popped(?)
I be feeling like Delonte West when it’s time to squeeze mine
Cuz with this ratchet I’m packing I could hit the King moms
See I’m leaving with this n***a head
I give the white people permission to say it… THIS N***A DEAD!
[Round 2: Hollohan]
You brought ya crew, and Mook I give you props dog
You the king of the Dot Mob
Well let me introduce you to the King Of The Dot Mob
See this bitch is a fake
You ain’t here to support Rex, this Toronto you just dickriding Drake
See the date of my birth place, dark skies, earthquakes
I find it fucked up, but everyone knows you a Nurse aye
Well first off your firstborn gonna need first aid
Have Randy son in the hospital like take ya kid to work day
See Top 5 ya name don’t show up like a private number
In my world T-Rexes don’t exist like a bible thumper
Wait, now I get it, T-Rex, this bitch so sloppy
Them lil ass arms on this big old body
See I’ve been destined to be dead or in prison
But tonight I’m sent on a mission
Leaving Rex hard to look at like a head-on collision
I always got a little buzz
I’ll have him shitting blood while I hit em with the snub
Put a couple in em, another couple in em
Fuck it another couple in em, call it a swingers club
Anything in arms reach could be a murder weapon
You saying all my dogs Nazis, German Sheppards
But scars last forever like a first impression
Your intestines on the floor when you spilling ya guts
Out in front of God like a church confession
Organik, he didn’t even pay me to rap, I’m a hired goon
Shit’s real, keep ya lips SEALed, Heidi Klum
Cuz I? I’ll kill a man in Stone Cold blood
For a kilogram of home grown bud
You crazy, better wish that they don’t phone us
Cuz we’ll get busy (Bizzy) in the flesh like some old Bone Thugz
It ain’t classified information, I’m Nova Scotia’s most sick
That can under my shirt in the club like I’m going to the smoke pit
So winning Total Slaughter for your career, it clearly didn’t help
Do what you do best, keep embarrassing yourself Rex
[Round 2: T-Rex]
I admit, last time n***as saw me
I wasn’t the same Rex that y’all was used to seeing
But in 15 years I finally dropped the ball once, shit I’m a human being
I wasn’t myself at all, you could see it
Cuz what you used to seeing is Rugers squeezing
Bunch of pipes smoking like it’s a Hookah meeting
I ain’t one of them n***as to get involved with
Whenever I get into some long shit you’ll see them 4s spit
Any n***a could die when you walkin into that large stick
Cuz I can guarantee you I’m taking you to a mosh pit
A lot of n***as talk battle but they ain’t bout that
That shit you always say in ya rhymes show me you bout that
I caught him with that hammer that’s cocked like “where ya house at?”
All that shit you talking, that hammer be where ya mouth at
A lot of n***as die talking that real shit
I’m from a real borough where n***as done came and killed shit
45 on him, run up on you and spill shit
I got some dope for you, give you that Yung Ill shit
I ain’t come to Canada to lose n***a
I came to Canada just to abuse n***as
Me and Mook against you and Pat Stay
We could do it, a two on two n***a
Kill you on camera, put this body on the news n***a
Ask about me I blast shit, we could get into some real drama
If that’s really what you want to happen
But I’m representing for New York just not Manhattan
Where Dizaster at? Tell em we could squash all that Math shit
See I’m leaving with this n***a head
Y’all n***as know how I give it up… THIS N***A DEAD!

[Round 3: Hollohan]
I know in my battles sometimes
I glorify being a junkie and meth abuser, I stay noble
Some people online like to gossip and spread rumors
Against Clips they say I dissed Bruce for reaction
Like I’m some pathetic loser
He was looking down laughing
Who better than his best friend to know his sense of humor
And you ain’t no OG, you just old enough to be my dad and shit
You ain’t pushing white or stacking bricks
This pussy’s life’s action-less like a Women’s Rights Activists
He admitted he never owned a gun, but we was out last night
Shit, you pro-abortion, he ain’t about that life
See me, I’m straight hustling, the fiends serve em heavy
Don’t make me hold that Big Mac out like I’m Cheeseburger Eddie
Flip green through the days, spend the night at ya crack seller
This Son of Anarchy shoot at his mother head, Jack’s teller
There’s guns everywhere, couple in the leather jackets
My homie keeps the chopper under his hat like Inspector Gadget
I lugged ya body cross the country in the winter man
Chop ya family tree and let it crush you in the timber-land
I stomp a hole so bad in T-Rex ruined a boot
Straight up, Canadian round a bout, I roond-aboot
I spit a verse, you could watch how fast ya clique disperse
With them weak rhymes they say T died like a hippie shirt
In a stick up you the first to hand me ya paper, my best student
Make you cough up the green like ya phlegm’s putrid
Rex stupid, trying to guess how many blades that Jeff using
Just 3 in the front, still 1 in the back, Gillette Fusion
It’s always 3-0’s with me, no doubt it would be a massacre
Cause in the end I’ll just keep dumping, call it finale of The Bachelor
Reality shows I’m the Ultimate Fighter
You find out, get smothered, we know who be the Survivor
You ain’t that Big Brother
See all these rats in this Amazing Race
Better search for the exits and plan your great escape
Shooters surround you while you sleeping, you should’ve stayed awake
It’ll open up his eyes when I give em The Sign like Ace Of Base
All I hear is gun bars 'we want gun bars,' but it’s subpar
Man I’m that genius on it, to see this gay club you want drug bars
Middle of the night, light of the fridge when you look for snacks
Have that burner smoking in the kitchen like I’m cooking crack
Beautiful weapons, hot knives
See I don’t need the gun tonight, the blade's red
Like smoking hash on the oven off a butter knife
So how can you be the face of URL?!
When since birth I bang needles, smoke pipe
I should be running the Ultimate Rap League
Cause I been on Smack my whole life!

[Round 3: T-Rex]
I’m a lil serious when I rap so I ain’t got no joke for ya
I wish they could cut the cameras off when I say this shit
But since we in the same hotel I got some coke for you
Fuck it you want gun bars? Them bullets spitting like they on fast forward
Shot em in slo-mo, shit I was too fast for it
Silencer on Halloween, the hammer got a mask on it
We don’t deal with no corn beef unless it’s hash on it
We let them triggers blow, let ya n***as know
My n***as sold so much birds we walk pigeon toed
Rain, sleet, we be in the snow, getting rid of snow
Grew up broke, only thing for dinner was a dinner roll
I understand why they did this battle this way
You wanted it to be like… street n***a versus a crack- like aight cool
This is the hustler vers’ the customer
He was the aggressive crackhead that be on the corner like
“I don’t want that shit Rex got, I’m waiting till that butter come!
This n***a kinda diesel, fuck it Mook
We ain’t gon try and give him a one on one
But fine, we gon swing from both sides like Double Dutch
N***as tell me that this guy was real
He got the squeezers in the palm
Kinda tough where he from, they believe em, he a don
Well not me, I run up on him and put the heater to his moms
They won’t be able to save em
Cuz they’ll find em dead in a chair with a needle in his arm
You think I came here to talk some junk shit?
Well I’m from the block, I really came here to talk some coke shit
I know you gon feel it cuz I’m talking some dope shit!
They brought me to King Of The Dot just to tell you about the crack I got
Took me a minute to get through customs
They damn near found the pack I got
He the type of n***a that’s playing defense so he wanna block my rock
But I ain’t gon let a n***a get a chance to block my shot
“Too-too… boop boop!” from the Glock I got
T with me “Chalaka-budabahbahbop!”
Make em fall all on the floor from the Glock I got
Daylyt with me, a n***a can’t Dot my Mob
I ain’t no joking ass n***a
I ain’t one of these regular rapping smoking ass n***as
And I ain’t gon be wrestling with this Hulk Hogan ass n***a
See I’m leaving with this n***a head
Y’all already know my slogan… THIS N***A DEAD!