Kid Twist vs. Hollohan (Title Match)
[Round 1: Kid Twist]
Alright Jeffrey, you might've won twice
But after this, he won't keep his strong buzz
This is a genius, this is a genius on drugs
Who has a hatred of natives cause his mom used to blow 'em for meth needles
They didn't rain dance to give her wet sheets though, that's why they named her "Spread Eagle"
And you can tell he's racist by the skin on his head
Or if you saw his major motion picture event, Canadian History Zed
It's obvious you bit your sex, drugs and death flow from Necro
There's one question left though
Where the fuck did your neck go?
And sodomy is the special ingredient for this sexual deviant
Cause we know God loves seeing men on both knees for him
This freakish crew
You call yourself G.O.D., I agree with you
'Cause only rednecks, racists, and pedophiles believe in you!
His shit might be dope as fuck, I couldn't tell if it was
It sounds like a constipated mental patient with all the yelling he does
About how he'll kill a bitch with weapon and then get an erection from smellin' the blood!
But hey...cocaine is a hell of a drug!

[Round 1: Hollohan]
Ayo, tonight Twist, I'm about to teach you a fucking lesson
And I don't need to jam a hundred multi's into a couple seconds or even come aggressive
See after his battle with Big Mac we went to Burger King
I even bought him a Pepsi
He was staring into my eyes, licking his lips like he thought I was sexy
He was nervous, he thought I was as cute as a motherfucker
But how could he tell me
Gulp, his Adam's apple looked like it was bungee-jumping from his mouth to his belly
Yo, he admitted he loves a man in uniform, he can't help it, it makes his dick flinch
Shit we passed two cops and when we were walking
You should've seen the neck on this kid twist!
Ayo, and then he got all antsy and frisky
Got rejected by a bitch because he's anorexic and skinny
He said, "Hey baby, wanna do the Twist?"
She said "Yeah"...then started doing the dance from the '50s!
Ayo, so he threw his Pepsi cup on the ground like, "Pfft...littering is harmless!"
But after I left, poRich told me you came back and picked up the garbage
He always bragging 'bout his bitch, but she's filthy
I fucking think she's a crack fiend
Down her pants, it's like Bart Simpson's TV show: all crusty, itchy, and scratchy!
And I know 100% he's gonna compare me to a bunch of hunky celebs
I talked to a couple of his buddies and friends
Who said they went on his computer to Google and they were touching the M
The most recent search history popped up as "muscular men"
You're taking a loss to my joking style Twist
So every other time expect a repeat
Cause the fact that I can come aggressive when you do is pathetic
Means that you could never beat me
[Round 2: Kid Twist]
Look, he tries to act tough but the Jeffery we know is about to get exposed like Jesse Ito
'Cause your whole life is a never ending freak show
See, I know he's gay as fuck
Cause when I battled Big Mac and he was made a judge
We had to wait an hour for him to get his precious hair faded up
Then he moved in with a 16-year-old chick and her mother
You don't find it strange you had to fuck her on Hannah Montana covers?
And don't think I don't know about the blow, crack and smack you do
And that you think 'cause you smoke heroin, it's not as bad for you
And what about the time a transsexual gave Jeff a blow?
And he tried to shrug it off like
"I ain't touch the man's testicles! I'm still an eighth hetero!"
Or how you phone Pat Stay for hours like some bitch and women friends
Or how your life long drinking binge caused your impotence
And we couldn't battle at the last King Of The Dot 'cause you were scared to death of someone bringing the cops
I hate to do this, but he had to get put in his place
And you wanna know if it's all true?
Look at his face

[Round 2: Hollohan]
Ayo, on my flight here, Twist was the stewardess who read the French announcements on the airplane
And he uses so much fucking hairspray
If you come within a 3 meter radius it feels like bear mace
Ayo, and look at his skin, he's dying, the cancer's so thin
He's the reason [?] smoking, he's so pale and needs more tanning lotion than there's water in the Atlantic Ocean
See, cause you're embarrassment to rap in this country
He put all us real cats in a bad mood
Ah, you're pure white, skinny and weigh nothing
Why am I battling the line of coke I just did in the bathroom!?
Yo, this is the Real Deal vs. Fresco, but a more serious sequel
I just wanna know how my heroin needle is wearing American Eagle!
Ayo, when I yell too loud, it hides the fact that Jeff's fucking clever
If I trusted you as far as I could throw you, that would make you my best buddy ever!
Ayo, but fuck this anorexic little noodle
Whose only sexual maneuver is leaning over to grab his cum rag next to his computer
Cause you're not a man, it's a joke to think he'd murder me
Every e-mail Twist gets about making his dick bigger he reads thoroughly
Ayo, this battle was already over before the cameraman pressed record
But Kaliente, I was running out of time
You won't need a second more
Ayo, my metaphors are set to score due to excessive force on this level 24 Elvin orc
And I'll Mortal Kombat uppercut this motherfucker 'til he launches into the second floor
[Round 3: Kid Twist]
Fuck his bogus tactics
Trying to shout real loud to show his passion
But you can't sound like the hardest out with a 'Scotian accent
And it's a FreshCoast dude he modeled his whole approach to Dizaster
Call him the Halifax explosion cause he's a Nova Scotian disaster
When I did my first battle and sliced Prolific's throat
You were at home in Dartmouth sniffing coke
When I did JumpOff to prove our country's shit is dope
And you were in a ditch in Calgary...sniffing coke
When I went to Scribble Jam you were HERE...SNIFFING COKE
So to say that you're better than me is a joke
Do you even know what rhythm means, Mr. Clean?
Yo, he's trying to cram in 250 schemes
But when you're on methamphetamines, I guess that's how long a minute seems!
You proven fraud, I swear if this dude is God
He only sent Jesus to the cross to see him with his tunic off
But he's glad to be on the brink of my limelight
Of course G.O.D. thinks that I'm tight
I'm the king by divine right!

[Round 3: Hollohan]
Ayo, this bird-looking motherfucker was supposed to put up more money
But he said he can't afford it
So he went out and bought a t-shirt with a picture of the rest of his family portrait
Ayo, but any bitch who seen his dick will say it's surely missing a couple sturdy inches
His rabbi was nervous or blurry vision and missed on the first incision during his bris at the circumcision
And yeah I lift weights
Perfect bitches prefer the thickness
But don't even front like you don't encourage fitness cause you're a gymnast
See Twist is a professional river dancer and he's training for his first Olympics
Yo, he hangs with a couple of faggots who play Dungeons & Dragons and has every version printed
But fuck a warrior he prefers the wizard
When the fuck did rappers become so white instead of speaking perfect English?
I don't give a FUCK if you can type 200 words per minute!
Ayo, I am Mr. Clean, or Stone Cold
So go fold clothes and do my dirty dishes
No serious, do my dishes
But I bet this dude is vicious
He'd fuck me up in a fight if he used his fist the same way does on his keyboard when his computer glitches
Ayo, so he watches my videos scared and his pants get warm and wet
Then cause lately he started screaming cause you're demanding more respect
Why would've Organik have placed a Tyrannosaurus Rex versus Alanis Morissette!?
Yo, cause your rap career is like the ass you get: fairy tales!
The life you live is pretend
See, Hollohan's story is straightforward: there's no Twist at the end!