Hollohan vs. The Saurus (Title Match)
[Round 1: The Saurus]
This motherfucker is in need of immediate help
I beat Prolyfic Scribble '06, Kid Twist '08 and made 15 G's for myself
WRC '07, 40 Grand, and defeating Twist and Rich was the first step toward keeping the belt
You see, when it's mattered the most, your best MC's have been on the receiving end of a beating I've dealt
Which brings us to today
It's crazy, history has a strange way of repeating itself
Yo, so thank Organik for this freaking match cause he's your master
Hoping one day you'll beat Dizaster but you're too busy trying to be Dizaster
Quit holding it in
He bites him so bad he wants the same opponents as him
I heard after this you're going for Jin
So y'all are lying if you called this guy a threat
I mean, I thought I'd be battling the Hollow I respect
But all his time is spent squatting 90 reps
Doing lots of lines and rapping he's bothered by Tourettes
This motherfucker spends his day watching fitness tapes and lifting weights
Just in case he ever wins a race so he can be like "IN YOUR FACE!"
I hope the next time you're benching 50 plates the equipment breaks
While you're simultaneously injecting H through a syringe that gives you AIDS
Yo, now every person in this tournament can be the first to witness
Someone finally murder this bitch worst than Twist did!
But don't act like it's absurd!
Admit it: the nerdy kid deserved to win it
I don't give a FUCK if you can rap 200 words per minute!
[Round 1: Hollohan]
I'ma start it off slow, keep it chill and kind of quiet
I get to make jokes about The Saurus being a father while I'm rhyming
I know, you're all as surprised as I am
I mean who on Earth would fuck you?
Look at you, you're a wreck
I bet you have the most pathetic sex
Sweaty mess, can't catch his breath, hand against his chest
Like, "Just a sec!"
Your family has been effected by his obsession of multis but he never wanted to force it
He even named his daughter Dolores just to have a new multi off of "The Saurus"
See, his uncle had multiple sclerosis
His family disowned him and made him a social outcast like Nick Nolte
When The Saurus walked into the hospital and said "Damn that's a sick multi."
But here in Canada it's all about hockey
I'd be Crosby, you'd be a figure skater
The closest you've ever come to working with an actual artist was helping your daughter become a finger painter
But they say, when making jokes about somebody's kid you don't wanna cross the fucking line
Well I'll say, I'll rape and murder your daughter right in front of your fucking eyes as it's videotaped
So I can fall asleep to it every night with it playing back 100 times
And you know, the reason I talk about your daughter, your failing career
Tell you you have the weakest music, I'm trying to get under your skin
But it looks like a thousand flesh eating parasites already beat me to it
And you're two time everything
Your girl is two timing you with every person you hang with
So I'm saying two times two times; you're a faggot, you're a faggot!
[Round 2: The Saurus]
Yo, you called yourself Sydney Crosby so you won the gold and that's expected though from y'all
But someone still broke the record for most medals overall
And in this battle, you ain't scoring at all though
I might as well have been born in Toronto
Cause you could call The Saurus a combo Brodeur and Luongo
Now this isn't gonna be the match that y'all imaged it would be
So when I say "faggot" don't get mad, cause I mean Hollohan specifically
Cause see, I'm collecting some evidence, call me the district attorney
So y'all get to witness a murder and sit in as the jury
Exhibit A, what exactly about prison rape did you say?
You'd grab King Don Juan's ponytail and fuck him...
Bitch, explain to us one single way that isn't gay Nick Lachey
Okay, alright
Cause that ain't half as strange as what he said to Lavish Language
About a nine incher in a guy's sphincter; back to gayness!
You see, the picture's very vivid of the life this fairy's living
He likes to wear Affliction, you know the type that barely fits him
Once, his ex lady told me he only get near an erection
When he's winkin' and flexin' at his own mirror reflection
Other hobbies of this man include; absolutely awful rapping
Asking dudes to toss his salad
Tanning booths and body waxing
This motherfucker is such a gay guy
He just took an HIV test and got an A...I.D.S
Yo, so y'all can do the math
It'll all add up and prove this dude's a fag
He just covers it up, like the white pride tattoo he used to have
That shit's true, just ask
[Round 2: Hollohan]
Whatever, listen to this
Yo, you really think I go to tanning salons, is that what you think brother?
I got a white daddy and a spic mother
This is my fucking natural skin color
And yo, some say The Saurus is the perfect candidate for Proactive
Shit, I think he looks like some typical bum in an ally I'd smoke crack with
But judging by his cheeks features
He's either a deep sea creature
Or he got fired a long time ago for being the worlds most incompetent bee keeper
And you know, here at King Of The Dot, it's clear victories like Tyson with a right to the chin
We don't go to overtime every time for the fuck of it, here we decisively win
And I thought you gambled, but in your battle, no one is walking in with the bills
So either everybody's broke or nobody's sharpening their skills
You know, we talked on Facebook, traded stories of fucking time girls
Like having a little sex talk 'til I thought
"Wait a minute. Our time girls are actual time girls. His time girl is Plex Rock."
Ayo this is a true fact, it's 2006, Elements League started in Nova Scotia
One on one battles openly admitting they're written
Drect joined the forum involved and realized this made for way more intricate dissing
After a while of being a fan he decided to give it a whirl
And that created the largest battle company in the world
So don't say that I'm imitating American culture when I try to spit
Cause Canadian battle rap is the sole reason that Grind Time exists
But seriously, The Saurus, we all used to idolize you
For that you should feel a bit prouder
We even looked up to you as you crumbled and fell like New Yorkers when those planes hit the twin towers
But now when you battle it's like you forfeit
You used to be a legend that people worshiped
But the book of God is the Bible and that's way more important than a thesaurus/The Saurus

[Round 3: The Saurus]
Thanks to King Of The Dot, Grind Time will be living forever
We'll also have 100 times more fans because we're bigger and better
People act like dude's a schizo, I wouldn't move an inch though
You're the type of fruit to stick a dude's dick through your dick hole
Yo, and when people view this shit, they're gonna read the Youtube info
Titled, "Dude from Frisco beats the SHIT outta Lou Ferrigno!"
Yo, your whole style's been done before and if you cats ain't heard this
He sounds like fast forwarding through one of Pat Stay's verses
But y'all think G.O.D.'s a legend? Please!
What about the footage you thought I'd never see of when you lost to Chedda Cheese?
You said you're a genius? I never believed it
Shit, in his last battle, God was barely better than Jesus
Wait, but now you're stepping to me bitch?
I could win if all I did was talk how much better my league is
While reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance
Yo, and people calling you the champ is what I'm sorta confused with
If you're a real champ you'd contribute more to the movement
If you're a REAL battle champ you'd cut the corny excuses
Set up a match on my side of the border and prove it

[Round 3: Hollohan]
Alright check it, he gon' get mad at me for this

But you said when I battled Lavish Language and it was all acting gay shit
And that I'm a sped up version, no!
I write ALL of Patrick Stay's shit
We all used to think you were sick so we're still surely proud that you're here
But it's ironic, you finally traveled up north to battle just to push you further down in your career
Like what the fuck happened to you The Saurus?
You used to spit some crazy shit
In your last battle you rhymed "Illmaculate" with "faggot bitch"
You make me sick!
And he said he wrote your lyrics, but you never had the fact denied
But behind the scenes I give Illmac' his rhymes
So you're not actually a fan of either, you're ONLY just a fan of mine
But you mastered the craft of talking boring multis
Shit, you made it the style to use
I took the basic concept of that and I improved
Went crazy, add and switched up the entire mood
Against Jonny Storm you kicked some double time
Well, that's what you tried to do
It was you admitted the times anew
And that's when I realized The Saurus
I always thought that you inspired me but now I know that I inspire YOU
So now my path is clear, be the last nail in your casket here and end your rap career
You compare me to Dizaster but he's just a wack version of me
And he beat you so what did you think would happen here?
It's straight up the battle's a clear murder in my mind and yours
It's over in three
And as a rapper I don't respect you so no there won't be a promo OT
This is the last day of your life
It's God's judgement you've got today
I'll lay a solitary rose to the memory of The Saurus
And we'll all just walk away