Hollohan vs Cortez
[Round 1: Hollohan]
When real G's you know get their hands dirty you don't even want to ride a little bit
You ain't never seen a body there ain't a scene of a homicide that you visiting
Cause when you can cross the border to get up on the side I'm living in
Then what I'm trying to say is you a law abiding citizen
I mean, how'd you get here?
You hop in a box at the post office?
Dove through the sorter?
You got some connects at the airport some local supporters?
I mean, you could be a criminal, murderer, known for the torture
Cause we all know it easy for Mexicans to get over a border
Cause you got cute stories 'bout how you grind and you steal
How you popping that Glock and the nine you conceal
But I'm a coke head so I can always spot when the line isn't real
Yo, when I murder, it seems euphoric, it first release endorphins
I got words like Wheel Of Fortune
When I heard you beat The Saurus I was sure it seemed contorted
Like a circus freak performance
Your slut mother was a porn star in the 80's
All the boys been through her
I remember her from more films than Troy McClure
See, you just scared to take a loss to me, that's why you made it promo
Otherwise this fabrication you making up
Typical rat snitch, do anything to never face a judge
Cause no one believe your thug shit
It's nice as a gimmick
You picture being a boss and just start writing your visions
You ain't in the run for nothing and never spend a night in the prison
It's Hollohan AKA G.O.D., I live a life that you mimic
Plus, you ain't a real artist, I make you empty your pockets
I'll find a bill if I check in your wallet and kill targets
I make you drop and give me twenty like a drill sergeant
See I'm the main core you the second string
I tell this bitch to take me to his leader then behead your king
You can run and get your gat, I'll come back with that heady swing
I'm like a blind man, I use my hands for EVERYTHING!
And if I go against my word and I'm not enforcing my motto
Then I'm like an alcoholic, SMASH, resort to that bottle
I dream of Heaven but Hell is where I sleep
I can't leave until they tell me I'm released
See hands are coming from my fucking stomach from my center they will reach
It's rappers I've eaten trying to escape the belly of the beast
Cause you speak with such conviction
But that huge ego must've given you tunnel vision
Cause you clearly can't see how much you suck at living
See I can just predict it
You come in spitting a ton of writtens
About nothing but just a bigot who's muscle ridden with a bunch of drug addictions
When you make all the New York cats look like the content of Too $hort's raps
Fucking bitches
I've been in this bitch since way back
Every battle I've been in I've made it a great match
If my homie didn't lie and do me dirty, I would've ate Pat
Straight facts
But it remains that I'm hungry so ASAP
So Organik tell Sketch's ghostwriter wants his chain back
[Round 1: Cortez]
Now, shout out to Toronto, the entire Canada, King Of The Dot
See, I appreciate y'all reaching out
But before this battle...goes any further
...There's some shit that me and you gotta speak about
You have an STD Jeff
You're a racist, you're a hypocrite
And I mean we all know that he do drugs
And I would never wish jail upon any man but goddamn
How is this a person that y'all approve of?
I mean it's your fault Trav', all the time y'all invested
Y'all even made "Free Hollohan" shirts
You tried to earn him a check and I get it he's Canadian he represents y'all
But I can not respect it unless the proceeds go to every girl you've infected
You have an STD Jeff
You never wanna try and stop
He goes unprotected, spitting game to get inside the box
You went raw dawg, you burnt shawty up inside her twat
The girl pressed charges and that's why this guy gets locked
So that manslaughter charge he fronting 'bout? Please n***a
It ain't cause you fired shots
It wasn't cause you in the hood you dumping and you ride with Glocks
Though I hate pigs, I send a shout out to them hired cops
That kept Jeff stuck behind the pen like writer's block
You have an STD Jeff
You exchange like the rental
How the fuck is his name G.O.D. but he flame like the Devil?
My blood's raging impatient, cold case with the kennel
Four blazing a raging, cause Menace when I Sketch you
I'm crashing in this infantry, I'm waiting for the heckles
Red lasers on a target from the basement to the bedroom
Get him wasted every thing hit
Get a face lift and a head wound with his wig split
Legs get amputated from the leg wound
Now his casket resembles Jet Blue cause it's spacious with leg room
I don't take shit, but if you dare stall like a restroom
I'll get pissed, you'll need more than a cesspool
I was supposed to be in Canada giving Dizaster devastation
But instead I'm at war with G.O.D. like Revelations
A facade, a mirage, you cling as imitation only linked by the six degrees of separation
You're a fan, a Stan, to me, is defamation
And Hollohan's Hollow Man to me, he's Kevin Bacon
He ain't as loyal as a patriot
You diss Pat Stay? You disloyal, ungrateful bitch
Jeff's a mere mortal, good G.O.D. you make me sick
I came to turn my back on G.O.D. like an atheist
And like I said, I appreciate y'all reaching out
But just wait till round three, there's some shit we gotta speak about
[Round 2: Hollohan]
You think your fake claims of racism could affect me? Like Jeff would fall?
As a man of color, if you truly thought I was racist and didn't swing on me right now, you have no self respect at all
So when you proved you're doing it for reaction
So here's the lesson getting dealt
Cause when you don't believe it yourself than why should anybody else?
So choose the spot in time to sign the dotted line in blood
I go on autopilot and become a homicidal thug
I represent that squad from the Darkside who slit guys throats
Laugh as your guts spilling out of you, like it's an inside joke
And I ain't gonna stop until you're dead in my basement and I'm removing your organs like a church renovation
Cops will discover your team killed for no reason, so they won't have the story
Just find a bunch of dead rats, like an abandoned laboratory
Or how 'bout I bring you to Scotia when the tides in
As the high water's starting, I'll watch you sink/sync from the dock, like my iPod was charging
Cortez, to try to maintain the feeling of my higher power
You'd need a line of coke cut with rifle powder a hundred times an hour
This faggot straight dreams of weddings and bridal showers
But your girl gets fucked by me with STD's every time that I'm around her
She confides for hours in me like a guidance counselor
First I build up her trust, see I empower
Then I deflower, I devour
She'll cry for hours
Swearing she's still dirty while she's lying down inside your shower
I fuck yo' bitch in your living room
That filthy ho is pathetic
More things happened on the couch than The Simpson's opening credits
So that's why when I looked at your squad I don't see thugs
Just a bunch of pussy's trying to mean mug
So I'ma bang hammers inside of Cort'/court like a Supreme judge
Man I can't cope with my stress, I'm going insane
I cock that rifle with the scope with the aim
My home is the range
And I ain't talking about where the deer and the antelope play
See time is money so I'll pencil you in for a scheduled visit
'Tez will be tricking on the block to fill, I got many positions
Once my album drops I'll be the best in the business
It's called "Heroin, Steroids and Empty Syringes"
The only time your presence is listed in court is when you rep as a witness
A real hustler knows the rules to that street professionalism
It's no question of interest, you bring disrespect to the business
You'd rat out your friend for your mistress
You definitely snitching
You'd give up your own son in less than an instant
If it meant it would get you acquitted without any conditions
You'd rather run to the Feds or the confession you've written
Than ever accepted and listen as your sentence is given
That's why you never will ever live inside of a federal prison
Pretending he's sick like he went to visit a medical clinic
When I brainstorm, clouds change form, rain pours, switch the weather conditions
I rap and that temperature's risen
And since all Mexican women are obsessed with religion
I am G.O.D., but what makes you believe that me and the Devil are different?
[Round 2: Cortez]
I get it, y'all laughed at that Mexican joke, right?
Race jokes, Spanish jokes, again how original?
Really Jeff? They'll never guess, I'll flip the race card
Didn't Pat Stay say it best?
To think that he's racist but who cares if he's white you racist piece of shit, all you do is stereotype
So why worry about my skin color? Who cares if I'm spic brother?
When every race joke still applies to your spic mother!
How the FUCK is he a skinhead, but he's half Spanish?
Either this guy's confused or y'all thinking that this guy's cool
Like I ain't heard about that race war in your high school
You white pride hypocrite, faggot I despise you
But you only hate spics cause that spic bitch denies you
How the fuck is he racist and he a skinhead?
I mean, he read the flier and damn near backed out
Cause because "Black" was in "blackout"
How the fuck is he racist and a skinhead?
But he's still trying to act real like it ain't minorities that influencing every skill
Nah, I won't fight son, blacks, he don't like 'em
But got treated like a slave when Pete beat him and took him out his chain just like one
Is it me or is he looking mad right now?
Yo Pat! White boy sweating out his tan right now
You in the hood it's cause you part of the Klan right now
I dare you to say the "n-word", you'll get beat to the grave
Then you'll be hanging off that line like disobedient slaves
That's a wrap, grabbing that battle ax, I carve him
And half of that, I crash in his habitat
Your carcass will splatter ass, crack it and I'm damaging that
Target with them gats I have
Half of his head and back, altered, I'm a savage/monster
Battle rap's harbored up and Matt will rap more than's in the Halifax harbor
C'mon man, how the fuck y'all ride with him?
Thinking that this guy's real
{fake chokes}
Fuck, I fucked up, right?

No you did. You straight man go

Damn, right?
Nah, nah, nah
I'm just proving that fuck up was something like you
A fucked up life
Okay, last night I seen him
Twisted, mouth foaming, lockjaw
Y'all told me that he's sick, well the doc called
I'm quick to call bluffs, then I let it ring if you shot caller
I give you star six, seven like a blocked call
I get this guy tied any day
Fire flying any way
So if he trying to fight then I strike like the NBA
I slam him, he swollen in a stretcher
Over that ring you get split, like Kobe and Vanessa
I seen him at Battle Tactics, battling Don Juan
You grabbed him by his collar, shook him like pom poms
If you grab me Jeff, shit'll get heated like long johns
Turn this whole rap scene into Battle Raps Gone Wrong
Wait, hold on
I don't think that you're a savage
Every battle I eat, I still feel like I'm famished
Jeffrey you're looking scurred, the crowd can see that you're panicking
Your chances of winning here about as slim as Organik is
But you ain't a boss, how you think you commanding?
So what if they Mobb Deep it's me who's bring the Havoc
And like I said, I appreciate y'all reaching out
But round 3's next and there's some shit we gotta speak about

[Round 3: Hollohan]
Yo Cortez, you know why I know you a true bitch?
You said if I shook you like Don Juan, I did during that line and you didn't do shit
And what you say I'm covered in racist tats like on my chest is a swastika
Shut the fuck up til Jeff is to dropping ya
Ground impaled, getting on top of ya
You're just an impostor pretending to rep the Mexican mafia
You ain't a big boss you Rick Ross, correctional officer
Soon I can travel the world, I can have your body separated in different sections than Bosnia
Your head is left in Somalia, rest in Czechoslovakia
Family up late at night like feeling effects of insomnia
And did you go by my first name of a very familiar serial killer so I guess I'll just Jeffrey Dahmer ya
You hear a noise and get paranoid, over your shoulder where you looking back
But this my city, there's no Biggie, where Brooklyn at?
Huh, where Brooklyn at?
See Organik wants me to kill him with buzz, cause this dude straight filler
See Travis just wants to witness a murder for G.O.D. like Dexter's Doomsday killer
See I'll expose what's inside of you, like a straight razor slice
When you this weak, a haymaker may take your life
I'll leave your blood all over the walls like a spray painting site
Then make money during this Blackout like a late Vegas night
Shit, I heard you was moving to Canada
I was tripping that Cortez be my neighbor man
The way he release statements at police stations, I knew I had to change my plans
Dip in a repair truck out front that look a lot more like a surveillance van
And I phone all the homies on the block ain't nobody called a maintenance man
You and that dude that just battled Dizaster, was doing B.N.E.'s all the time
I heard that you was the lookout while he was inside
But you left the first second the police had arrived
It wasn't the first time this rat purposefully left DNA at the scene of a crime
C'mon man, you had him set up, it was just part of your lies
You threw him under the bus that Arsonal drives
See, you probably loved it when the officers rushed in and brought me to justice
Now I'm causing a ruckus, the wrong one to fuck with, a boss to you suckers
Doctors are coming out to get him to the hospital rushing
Cause I'ma beat you til you got a concussion and need machines to get your oxygen pumping
Causing a constant obstruction to all of your bodily functions
You think your squad crazy? I get every person here in Toronto rush him
Have you laying down with your hands on your head like abdominal crunches
I'm surprised you got outta bed for this
Ethnic joke
Maybe think we would never meet
It's weird a lazy Mexican would live in a city that never sleeps
Yo, cause you don't posses that natural gift so you have to prepare harder
Flashback through his life, go to rapper to scared farmer
You're a New York Mexican, I'm Madison Square Garden
Yo, how come I haven't battled in a year and people are dying to see me bury my opponent?
How come you haven't battled in a year and...no one cared or even noticed?
How come you're considered more established but haven't touched on half of what I've done?
How come you're ducking Dizaster but willing to get murdered by the man he bit his style from?
Yo, so you were straight pussy to make this promo
Like now it's just some performance and we did it together
I don't give a fuck Organik, next vid' of mine that's released it better be another win on my record
How can you be the face of URL? When since birth I been banging needles and smoke pipe
I should be running the Ultimate Rap League cause I been on Smack my WHOLE LIFE!

[Round 3: Cortez]
You know, doing my research and watching your battles
There's a few things I learned from you
Your bars don't hold weight or pack punch versus personals
Like you battled your best friend, Pat Stay, nd he exposed the whole world to you
And since you're my Canadian doormat, I'll use facts to kick dirt on you
But I'ma put all the bullshit aside for a second, let me talk to you
I'ma point out your flaws and faults and what's wrong with you
You're a Genius On Drugs, correct? Well what's going on with you?
Do you get high to hide the demons inside that are haunting you?
Like Bruce B? May he rest in peace
And I would never disrespect him
And I know this is a touchy subject but fuck
There's a rumor that I heard about y'all with I'm disgusted Jeff
Don't get upset, just be real with yourself
Cause every drug that Bruce did, you dealed it yourself
Every line on the canvas, capsule and every tablet
You're the worst kind of friend, you influence his every habit
He got high from within he hid his vulnerabilities
And since you taught him how to get high, I think I'll teach you about responsibility
Real friends help you make your self
If I was him as a fake friend I would hate myself
All them 'roids and the cocaine, I would hate my health
If I'm the reason my man's dead, I would take myself
No pause and metaphors, I'm dishing it the realest way
Cause your actions then, are the reason he ain't here today
Now, I told y'all, I appreciate y'all reaching out
But there was an STD, issues about racism and an issue with Bruce B that I just had to speak about
Now that you're exposed, Trav' passed me the check
Cause this wasn't a battle, it was more like a reality check
And y'all doubted I would lose to him and jeopardize my top tier
Well I'm deaf, not here/hear
I did it for my G's in the bing, locked down they got years
Never snitch to the judge, booked or they got scared
But not you cause in yo' eyes, you got the snitching
So I bring his campaign/camp pain like a politician
You want beef? I cock back, I start the spitting
Bring it to my door and you'll pay like you got admission
How the fuck y'all think this faggot on my level?!
How the fuck is he a G.O.D.? All I see is a white devil
Him? A slight rebel
I squeeze get my blaow on
Creep the street or we gon' beef til the cows gone
The Scotian's perimeter is blocked about a mile long
The son of a gun, but I'll clap like a proud mom
Okay now, zoom in, look at the eyes of this loser now Canada
Is this the same guy y'all approve of?
I think not, Team Homi, Team Homi YELL!
I just caught me a mean body!