Rap Fraud Freestyle

Dear Marshall Bruce Mathers the third
Sorry it had to come to this man, but
You left us no choice
So we gon' play a little game
You take our sh*t, we take your sh*t
This is another Hotstylz freestyle
Hashtag Rap Fraud-
Let's send this n***a back to rehab

(Verse 1)

What kind of name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III?
That means there's two other Marshall Bruce Mathers motherf**kers walkin' around (Yo a** stupid n***a)
I think you stupid man, taking our sh*t, Eminem you foul, that's a single? How?
You ain't ask nann n***a reach out a hand, did you make Rap God while chiefin' loud?
Rule number 1: When you pay homage; try to get in touch with the rap artist
Just say, "dude I f**ks with y'all," but you went ahead and used the sh*t regardless
One hit wonder, that might be true. But it don't matter how many songs you do
Up and coming rappers this might be you. If they infringe on the copyright, sue
I do know one thing though: Eminem stole Hotstylz' flow. Sony said I'mma get paid one day
Depending on how many records get sold

(Verse 2)
Alright, let me get my Eminem voice ready. Let me plug my nose. Mic check
Hey, my name's Marshall and I'm an addict, I steal people's sh*t without giving em credit
Except JJ Fad, ay wait fag, I'm ready to chop you up and put you up in a bag. (Woo)
Ay, why they mad? Cause, we one hit wonders... But your gritty a** had to go and take that one hit from us
Now it's, time to attack, back with aluminum bats, I'm giving you new hits
But (?) of your noggin, yo we got a problem, where's the kryptonite, that oughta solve em
Just in case, where's the revolver? This karma, is coming back
Ay, Sony, cut the f**kin' check

(Verse 3)

This old a** rapper stole some sh*t from my band
Now I got a Walgreens plastic bag, coverin' about half of his head
This old a** rapper stole some sh*t from my band
Now I got a Walgreens plastic bag, coverin' about half of his head
See I hate when when people try to take my style and (?)
Where's my rubber band gun? If you were gonna jack us at least you could've used some Lancome you damn bum
See I'm a war machine, but I'mma hit you with Ironman, and see your way back to your future retirement
And I'mma finish it and leave none partial, go back generations and kill all three Marshall's
Ain't that right, Bruce? That's the truth man, here comes the Batman, with no Bruce Wayne
See we're the sh*t b*t*h, you're just a poop stain. I see Hailie with knee pads, is the cooch clean?
And she the prom queen, but the king was fat so congrats I think your daughter just became a rat

You did this to yourself. (Hi Hailie!)
(Verse 4)

His tail pipe got a banana in it
He the only rapper I know wear Cartier frames and a Beauty Supply bandana (ignant!)
Slim Shady, face look bad like it got rabies
What kinda woman gave him a baby?
Oh the Kim lady, ain't heard nothing about her lately
Well, Interscope been a joke, Eminem get yours, D12 get ran over with a V12
Go to Shade 45, bust in with a 45, shoot up everything, tell Sway better run and hide
Tell Jimmy Iovine, "I don't want no problems, just get me a pair of headphones and I'm good."
Headphones? F**k that. So lick a d**k with syphilis and kiss gla**
I bet you like little girls, kick a**
His a** prolly get beat, like an inmate on a ten year, pu**y fast
Wait, see all you had to do was give us credit
In the booklet, embedded, in the words right after your lyrics, and maybe a video appearance
Would've said it, but no now, no words can express it. We're no longer indebted, but you indebted, give me that motherf**king check b*t*h

(Verse 5)

Nowadays, Eminem wanna talk, everybody knows he's gay, he walks around trynna get his booty licked
I heard he f**ked 50 Cent, and now he wanna act like he forgot about Ray
Meatball & Kray, with the song "Lookin Boy" and no way you forgot about me, but when I looked in the album credits I seen JJ Fad and not H-O-T?
Are you honestly saying that you forgot something important or are you back snortin' or puting opiates in your organs?
That's why Mariah left, when me she consorted, it wasn't a memory, (?) shortage
Hold up for a minute, and let me write you a new perscription for your addiction
And right when you start to doze off, I'mma pull a (?) and I'mma start the lynchin', at supersonic speed, (?)
Giving your daughter some of the D, (?) have a baby me of your breed, and when he grows up
I'ma tell him grandpa was a fag, a b*t*h n***a, that's why I crossed him off my hit list, n***a
(Verse 6)

Eminem is a, plagiarist and a, drug user addicted to crack
If I catch him the street I'll sell him dummy bags of coke
Snort, snort, snort, snort
He stole our lyrics, without permission
F**k Sony, ATV, & ASCAP, if you liked our sh*t so much you could've reached out to our guys or even Yung Joc

Et cetera, et cetera
Matter fact, come to think of it...
8 Mile ain't even in Detroit man
8 Mile is not in Detroit buddy, come on!
(Hotstylz, that's who the f**k we is n***a.)