The Instabooth
[Intro: Tigger & DJ Khaled]
What it-what it exactly are we doin?
Don't play yourself, reward yourself and tune in to the 2017 BET Hip Hop Award hosted by me: DJ Khaled and Dade County
Miami 305, big Tigger, salute
I know you did it last year but this one is another one

[Verse 1: Tigger]
We keep it hype, never calm
Green carpet flow
At the BET hip awards and it's powered by Nissan
Big Tigger off the top, it's what we do
Everybody in Hip Hop, please stop through!
BET instabooth LIVE from the carpet that's green
Hip Hop Awards twenty seventeen
Turn around say "Oh my god, look at the host, my man Khaled & Mr. Asahd."

[Break: DJ Khaled]
I did this last year right? But now I'm doing it this year with my son, hold on

[Verse 2: DJ Khaled]
From the heart of Kingston
From the ice of Alaska
Buffalo soldier, hardcore Rasta
I'm the original and the imposter
Returning to make it, with or without ya
New waters go (?)
Well! steppin' in yo! Pull up!
[Verse 3: Millyz]
Okay, I'm in the Instabooth and I'm spittin' with Tigger
A lot of girls out here, but I'm lookin' for SZA
Last year was litty but, this year is litter
BET like Kanye, it just came back bigger (whoa)
I used to be a cane crack flipper
But, now I'm at award shows and all my old broads know
R.I.P to hugh hef-
I'm feelin' like Play Boy
Tigger, introduce me to Cardi (hah)
If not her, I'll take meeting with Barbie
At least we ain't talking 'bout Iggy

[Verse 4: Dave East]
Yeah, I don't get to nap
What you do for a living?
My business, rap
I'm out of town all the time, let me know if you can get with that
5 minutes flat, I bag an ounce up
I was in the trap
Funny that the ones that was closest don't even give me dap
You claim you want me, that's something that you just gotta prove
'lotta jewels, Gucci uniforms like it's private school
Crazy we wearing these red bottoms, then brought 'em out the blue
Young rich n***a, prolly find me with Stella, got a groove
Feel like I got her so now, I gotta follow through
She telling me "if we was together, I have to follow rules"
I'ma see you, when I'ma see you, I make a lot of moves
I don't need you, but I might keep you
What do I gotta prove?
[Verse 5: Bre-Z]
Like a ghost, I float
That's my style, Bre-Z step out no-
Problem, I got 'em, they go wild
Still a hater, I try to paint 'em a picture
I'm like "How?"
I'm litty in Miami, my n***a, that's right now!
She on- TV screens and BET, Aventador so 3D, y'all see me lean
Hold up. Bre say less, I always say that
But, if I gotta speak my mind they gon' say "Ah"
I heard these b*t*hes f**kin' for a lil position
And I won't say no names, but I swear that I don't miss 'em
I swear that sh*t was lame and I prolly should'nt ah did it
But, she cried about a n***a over liquor, so I hid it

[Verse 6: Tigger]
Put this outfit on
Knowin' that Trump might curse me
But, I still black out in this all black Kaep' jersey
Listen, I don't think you heard me
I black out in this all black Kaepernick jersey
And for the sake of being free
Why don't we all stand with Kaepernick, and just take a knee?
So we can reverse the pattern of police brutality
Cause black lives matter (yah!)
[Verse 7: A$AP Ferg]
Ya girl all over my magic wand
I rap like I'm chef Raekwon
They like "What is Fergy Ferg on?"
I'm the don drinking the Cris
Poppin' ya chick, she all on my (uh)
I'm all on her clit
Look at my clique, that A$AP sh*t
Uh, A S A P, F E R G
Big Tigger, I'm jigga, and you know me, D (ay)

[Verse 8: T-Pain]
Lamborghini dreams, b*t*h I mean what I say
Do it for a purpose, you just her by mistake
Put that lobster over here by that stake
If you lookin' for some hens, I got ten on the way
I ain't f**kin' with these n***as, I'm an industry virgin
Penitentiary flows, reinventin' the show
Listen to these n***as ventin' they soul
Getting in they holes, f**k a dead broad and leave that b*t*h in the cold (whoa)
I'm too used to doin' sh*t that I do
You n***as get up off my d**k about that auto and tune
All I do if give sh*t in the booth
N***as don't make sense, so I ain't tryna do this sh*t for the loose
Look, if it don't make dollas, don't make sense
And if it don't make ya holla, then it won't pay rent

[Verse 9: Tammy Rivera]
So we here, meet the flock
Yeah, everybody (?) with the Glock

[Verse 10: Waka Flocka Flame]
Woop! Flocka home
The kids misdirected and the cops'll roam
Man, they rattin' on each other, then they back at home
Actin' like it neva happened, back stabbin' (whoa!)
What's next? Another rapper dead, no flex
I'm goin' at they head, who the best?
Cut the check
Closed mouth neva get fed, take the food off yo plate
Chew it in yo face, motha f**ka
I can't hear ya sh*t, moment of silence
Condonin' the violence if you proposing to rise it
They fan base mad I killed they favorite rapper
F**k it, I'm still they favorite trapper's favorite trapper
F**k freestyles, kill 'em with this written rhyme
And all these coke head n***as better get in line
No subliminals, I'm direct hittin' 'em
Yo clique is soft, tell yo "kick it with a boss"

[Verse 11: Big Shaq (aka Michael Dapaah)]
Yo, I got the world saying "Skrrr, pop pop"
Yeah, I did that
Me, I never slack
You see my jacket? It's all black!
Skiddy ya, pop, kudu koom, boom!
Yo, that's the sound that I do
I don't sing, I just link
See my ring? I bling bling
Oh! I just killed this
Ya done know, milk this
I like girls with big urgh!
Feugh, neugh, eugh, bugh!
Ya done know
Ya just grow
Yo, under my hat, there's no Afro

[Verse 12: Jasmin Brown]
Damn, a part of 50 central for that a**
We pullin' up here & we got a lot of cash
Wait, not yet 'cause we ain't get all our checks
But, we still here on the green carpet!

[Verse 13: Vince Swann]
Look! Boy, I'm flyer than a witches broom
Got so many carrots, I'm a loony toon
Beat hella cray, that's a loony tune
Ain't no Big Sean, but I got the moves

[Verse 14: Tristen Winger]
50 central, no stutter in my step
Money owe me like that n***a lost a bet
Can't wait to blow her back, she blanking
Burn these hoes in my pocket
Cash speed and lighting up, I'm on a 50central rocket
Riding shotgun on the short bus?
Ain't none wrong with the short bus
We be up here in the short bus
[?] and you heard us
I don't write lines, I just spit it off the dome
That pen and pad my enemies, we don't get along

[Verse 15: Mysonne]
I'm like Hova, when he was Jay-Z
I'm big in his prime, it's poetry
Bigger than rhyme, I'm bigger than crime
I figured, all the real n***as who listen rhymes, in time the only name y'all gon' mention is mine
My sh*t is divine, entwined with henchmen and the grind
Con, then lynch men over dimes
Let me remind- all y'all
I lynch men over rhymes, so when you spittin' don't go over that line, soldier

[Verse 16: Cozz]
Now, you should see they faces when I pull up in my car
A lot of n***as hatin' and b*t*hes startin' in awe
Let them n***as hate, if they armed, then it's on
Them n***as got more than balls and they drawls (?)
Straight from the porches, now we getting gorgeous-
Women to endorse us, you know we gotta get it on
I'm here with Tigger, my n***a
Know that we tryna get bigger
Shout out J.Cole, my dog
You know what's goin' on
That BET, you know you see these n***as in (?) streets
You know we goin' off the top
You know how we rock
Yeah, I got my dog from the block

[Verse 17: Tee Grizzley]
I got a record deal, my label don't like it when I hang out
That let me know that they ain't know me 'fore I came out
Kevin Laws, I know it's a risk to have these chains off
But, I'm that same- that'll knock a- brains out
Ex b- run off with a rollie
Hope, she make it strech
I could'a killed her lil dirty ungrateful a**
But, I'm more mad myself for tryna date a rat
Plus, I get thirty for a show so, I'ma make it back
Used to order Wendy's fries, bring a shake with that
Now it's Benihana rice, put some stake on that
The Mustang used to always run outta gas
Now, I'm in that wraith, touch the paint and it's a body bag

[Verse 18: X**TENTACION]
Rap quitter, knack of the sack, n***a
Who blizzards this rap, bigger than men of a pack
Grin to the top of the gat, grip, and I'm busting up wack n***as
Tarter or plaque, n***a? What do you choose?
Simply irrelevant, ehm, cynical, evident
Please, wrestling evidence, keys
Moving when definite
Sole goals for the president
Bleed red for the government, he's... (ahhahaha)

[Verse 19: Zoey Dollas]
I don't drink, I don't smoke
I stay sober
That mean they don't work for you
I just lied, I be on them percys, too
You know how I'm goin'
Coming from the dome
If you call yourself "King" I'm coming for the throne
Waited my whole life to get in the booth with big Tigger
I wear a jacket, Versace with a big zipper
I'm fly as hell, I'm feeling like a turbine
And I bag ya chick, 'cause I'm handsome and my words fine
Yeah, comin' from the top of the head
Stay on top of that money, on top of the bread
And they hammer right here on me, on top of the leg
With ya shorty tiltin' right on top of the bed

[Verse 20: YFN Lucci]

[Verse 21: King Combs]

[Outro: Tigger & Michael Blackson]