The Hood
[Swizz Beatz]
Sh*t, this sh*t right for the thugs in the street
Do yall here me?
Sh*t, and this sh*t right here...will get you mugged in the street

[Verse 1: Beanie Sigel]
Beanie Sigel hit hard, and I'll wire ya jaw
Trademark n***as eyes, give them permanent scars
Twist backwards, never catch me rollin cigars
Only c*ck and blow 'dro out of perservative jars
On the block serving like I never heard of the law
Cops hit the spot f**k it, mad bro to bar
F**k crack, flip powder, I ain't takin' a loss
Plus if I get snatched, its less time for the song
I was been known to stroll the block, hold the Glock
Blow dro, pick up doe, reload the spot
I'm the sh*t with crushed ice and some arm and hammer
I'm the reason why smokers steal car antenna's
I get bricks, so you know I make big nicks
The size of Chiclets, that make you pricks sick
While you try to profit, i just flip quick
Y'all n***as know my flow be sick, my doe be quick

[Verse 2: Infa.Red]
Now when you wake up
I'm wiping the cold out your eys with the barrel of the gun
Holding your son, smoking Branson
Blowing smoke in your face, I want the ransom and some
His sh*t'll get the opposite of handsome
I mean I got to come clean
I've done bagged up and served everything you've seen in the feds magazine
I'm what y'all haven't seen
I swallow kerosene and p*ss out ga**oline
Strike a match and burn the f**king scene
I'm no joker - I could blow you into smoke
And make your man a second hand smoker
I'm so vulgar - I'm sendin' n***as straight back to their maker
Broke, with a PlayStation for a CD player, see me player?
I dont even play that sh*t
I just spit and have the whole hood sayin' my sh*t
Yall got a bible? Well pray in that sh*t
While I smoke a scripture, load up the guns then come to get ya
[Verse 3: NuChild]
This be the realest sh*t I ever wrote
Gun up in your mouth, hands around your throat
Choke n***a choke, I'm dope
Roll me up and smoke, on contact
N***as react, and play me back
For doe, I'll murder ever n***a not on this track
I spit back, at any n***a claimin' he teflon
The best on, be the next n***a get stepped on
A sick dude, type to ask God "You wanna battle?"
"I could care less, send me hell I like to travel"
After waxin' him, I wax you
Smack you, clap you, and thats two
N***as I left lookin' like statues
I have to, bring it to these cowards that talk hard
Some jail sh*t? Never even walked through a junk yard
I thump hard
Make a n***a yell for crew quick
A true b*t*h, eat a n***a up like a chew-stick
Too rich, is what I plan to be in the 9-9
Its all mine, Fagots ride bench when its crunch time
So bump mine, make a n***a lean off the opium
You Ethiopian
Willie n***as, yeah we scopin 'em, and ropin 'em
Do a n***a Rosewood style
Hangin' by his weak picture, callin' his moms and his child
[Verse 4: Mysonne]
Its Mysonne, lefty, gun up in the right palm
Poppin' n***as in their sleep so they die calm
Kill or be killed, thats the sh*t that I'm on
Its desparoto style, shooting at them side arm
I'm gone, see I'm dope like heroin
And my guns got scopes, so they zero in
Here on in, know I fear no men
And mutherf**k shootin' five, here go ten
Know that if you start a problem, there's no end
You tough? Fight death and be a hero then
N***as call me Poppiseed, I'll pop your seed
And move bricks on the block thats too hot to breath
I'm a real type of n***a, that c*ck and squeeze
Y'all them second guess fagots, that c*ck and freeze
So I f**k with real n***as, like The Lox and D
And yall n***as got problems, just watch and see

[Verse 5: Drag-On]
I'm the kid with the unlaced boots, but'll lace you
Leave a hole in your facial, the size of a bagel
All my bullets hit, never graze you
If you never was sh*t, I'ma promise you this
I'ma front page you, I'ma young'n
The first one there, and the last one to get to running
Unless you tell me the cops coming
Cuz I like to feel a**ed out, so when they trap me I blast out
I'm quiet my gun gotta bad mouth
I wake up with the mask out
You know how many chinks and jews
Drag's done dragged out, on a cash route?
Cuz when I walk in, stop the talking
I dont give a f**k if its a n***a with a walkman
I'ma put him in a coffin
Soon as I step in
I'm runnin' up on the n***a with the thick lens
I'm tryin to get the benz with the thick rims
Double R, soon half of us'll goto jail
The best studio, 16 bars to post bail