Do What Playas Do
Uhh (uhh)
Wanna blow? (Wanna blow?) Pretty Tone (Pretty Tone)
Suave House (suave House) Eightball (Eightball) Tony Draper (Draper)
All Out (All Out), Murder (Murder)
Harlem World (Harlem World), problem children (problem children)
Y'all n***as got problems (y'all n***as got problems)
Uhh (uhh) UHH (UHH) Yo (YO)

Now I can play with these hoes, or spray four-fours
Whatever the situation, may call for
I can sport linen, pimp hard, court women
Have the ice, and the waves all spinnin
Or I can get in, to some real thug sh*t
Armed robbery, slash, deal drug sh*t
Peel slugs quick, cause I'm versatile
I can ice grill, but I'm worse when I smile
Expert with style, y'all give hoes cash
All I give em, is hard d**k and coke in they a**
B*t*h, move that, true playa, true dat
N***as catch feelings, when they chick say, "Who dat?"
Representin from the Bronx, to the Dirty South
Spittin drug flows, with my dirty mouth
We got it all, from grams to Eightballs
Yeah we players, and refs, we make calls
Chorus: Eightball (repeat 2X)

Now everybody wanna do what a playa do
But everybody can't do what a playa do
(I see you playa) All in the mix right
I see you playa (Yeah I got my sh*t tight)

Bring it to n***as I don't be slippin on my literary
Sick when I'm gone off that Jane first name Mary
Eightball, ain't no other like this Southern brother
Crazy motherf**ker, pooh b*** booty duster
Never been a point shaver or a hoe saver
Just a weed craver, Suave House a**a**inator
To the dirt, and we gon' put that on the House b*t*h
Gold in the mouth sh*t, straight South sh*t
Orange Mound slow the flow down to pull the fo'-pound
Beat a hoe down, and fall up in the club to' down
I like them dirty hoes, down to get buck for a dollar
Thick yella Cinderella, head shop scholar
Pimp sh*t, and I'ma keep it straight +Space Age+
Every year, turn the book of life to a new page
Kick rhymes hotter than Texas in July
Suave House playa til the day that I die, uhh

Sauve House motherf**ker, All Out motherf**ker
Wanna blow motherf**ker? Team n***a til I'm low motherf**ker
Yo, I went from O-T to O-C to all the paper
Lee's to fatigues then Gore's to gators
If ain't about the money n***a? Call me later
How many n***as talk Benzes? Seen in one
Not videos and picture sh*t, those don't count
I'm the n***a talkin millions and, own the amount
Mr. Frosty, the n***a never fold for chips
When the money on the line b*t*h I roll trips
Cut a b*t*h off for a week and let her know what she miss
Hundred grand worth of sh*t n***a glow on my wrist
Bought a range just to go with the six
When I flip for these chips, sh*t is never over a b*t*h
You got some nerve, I can give a kiler one word, get em
You will see how many n***as miss him
I put pellets in the air let the sh*t hit em
Put the gun inside his mouth and let the clip kiss him
Sh*t you drive all tinted, I put my honey in it
Won't, stop your bank, ain't enough money in it
Live a lifestyle rarely told, what you know about
Floatin down Eighth, gettin head in the Rolls
You had, money like that you wouldn't be measurin O's
You motherf**kers barely sold, barely gold
N***as send it rough I send it back the same way it came
You ain't dissin me until you say my name, motherf**ker