Real Mind of Mysonne
Since you confused, let me break down a real n***a
Listen: there's a difference from a house and a field n***a
A real n***a don't conceal how he feel, n***a
A real n***a might destroy to rebuild, n***a
Us real n***as, we been misrepresented by
Ignorant, low-life clowns just gettin' high
Just sittin' by, with they pants saggin', spittin' lies
It's sad—the kids is the ones that's victimized
See, in the eyes of a man that's blind
We like crime, but you don't understand the grind
You don't understand when a man plan to fly
And get locked down 'cause his man told the damned-est lie
And now his family cryin' and he jammed inside
Six by twelve, for seven damn July's
When you survive that, it enhance your pride
You can overcome Hell, and they can't deny
Now you back up in the streets, confused and mortified
Morals is nothin', the dudes they glorifiy
Fabricate the truth, same dudes you saw inside
Rattin' and snitchin', the image is all a lie
Now you go and try to find you a job
But they ain't lookin' for a brother with a criminal charge
Now you sittin' in the room, arguin' with your broad
She tellin' you: "Go and get a job!"
You try to tell her it's hard
So she tell you: "If you don't raise the money here by tomorrow? I'm sorry, you gon' have to go live with your ma."
But your mom's got six people up in her house
Two beds, n***as barely got room on the couch
So what you gon' do? Go to Mommy? Squeak like a mouse?
Or be a man, hit the streets and go and figure it out?
See, a real n***a about havin' problems and solvin'
Not waitin' around, hopin' and starvin'
You find a way to get your own f**kin' apartment
Makin' somethin' from nothin'—that's f**kin' evolvin'!
When you grow up in the projects, the stuff you involved in
Drugs, poverty, emotional hardships
You just tryna get out of this f**kin' environment
You grindin', you ain't sittin' around shuckin' and jivin'
You fight, or be prey to the hoodlums and tyrants
Kill or be killed, so you forced into violence
Of course, you define this as bein' a neanderthal
I call it survival of the fittest, I'm a man at war
Sometimes you can't walk away, sh*t you can't ignore
Sometimes war is necessary, either stand or fall
My real n***a talk seems bogus?
A real n***a ain't gotta say that he real as long as he know it
If he know the other rappers deceive
Then kids is like soil where they plantin' the seeds
And he know what cats hear and raps they believe
Then you gotta tell 'em who a real n***a actually be
Peep now, actually see, we fightin' for the same cause
I say the same thing about them stupid lame w****s
I hate the game, but I know it ain't gon' change, 'cause
It's makin' so much money, it's gon' make more
We on different elevators but the same floor
Only way to change this sh*t is to wage war
So I'ma just keep fightin' the fight
Write truth, bringin' lyin'-a** rappers to light
Only a few of us left that have the insight
So all of us loyal blacks unite—f**k Hip Hop!
F**k Hip Hop!
I love Hip Hop!
But f**k Hip Hop!
But I love Hip Hop!