April’s Fool
[Verse 1]
Want the girl of my world
Or the girl of my dreams
Man you're looking at my now
Shit ain't always what it seems
You dissed me in the first grade
Bet you'll fuck me in a second
Is your father Mel Gibson?
Girl Goddamn that pussy Lethal Weapon

[Verse 2]
Been up late stressing
Thinking about how you walk out
Why do you wait to hold me down
No Omarion, Bow Wow
And I want you to know
Keep acting like a bitch
I might leave yo ass home

But, there's something about you girl
That won't let me go, won't let me go
And I just want you to know
I know what 2 + 2 is
But when it comes to you
I'm a shawty foolish

I'm a fool for you
I'm April's fool
I'm a fool for you
See I'm April's fool
I'm April's fool, yeah
I'm April's fool, yeah
I'm a fool for you
See I'm April's fool

[Verse 3]
Late calls no answers
This why you kill me inside just like cancer
This is no rain day games I am not prancin'
You probably dancer that's what I am, but
They say I should leave you
Cause girls love [?] everyday
Something like glue
They can eat glass that's not what I choose
L-O-V-E i'm a [?] i'mma you