Hunger Games
[Verse 1: AV]
N***as think they killed the game, it was just a misdemeanor
The balls in my court, I gave it a subpoena
Life's a bitch, I treat her like Martin did Gina
But I'll treat yours like Ike did Tina!

If these n***as got hits, we A-Rod & Derek Jeter
Don't compare us to them rappers, n***as are so deceiving
I'm a mother fucker, with a bunch of rubbers can't conceive em
Take em to shallow waters, force em to jump the deep end

Me & 12Guage Shaddy, how you gone play ya defense
Throw a bullet to ya slot, hitting the wide receivers
Bring the green to the house, shout out Darrell Revis
I got fans on both sides, I'm fucking ya cheer leaders!

Stop talking while ya sleeping, ya girl exposing business
These n***as keep forgetting it's money over these bitches
Women don't really love you it's riches over these n***as
Find a n***a with a mission, pray he gone take em with him

Fuck that! I'm in this bitch like thongs in a butt crack
Riding solo dolo like the POolo logo horseman
Hundred percent crazy, I think I'm half martian
I just get high on them trees like Tarzan
Anybody test me, they know they a marked man
Anybody got beef, I prefer you gourmet it
Try to kick me while I'm down, you gone fucking lose ya leg
Before I rip ya body off, try to fucking use ya head

Brain dead, pain med popping ass n***as
Lyrics probably hittin' on poppin' lockin' ass n***as
All my n***as scheming, we some fucking plotting ass n***as
While these n***as pissed off, I copped a squat and start shittin'

They on the fence, I'm offensive
Tensing up when they sense tension they to sensitive discipline em
School of hard knocks, I gotta suspend em
Fuck a student of the game, I'm the superintendent!

FlightTeam is an army, I'm the new lieutenant
Bonehead is a statement, I'm the truth in the sentence
Stuff it all down ya throat, hundred proof to ya kidneys
I'm drunk on power ain't none of you n***as tipsy!

You could say I'm living good since you get it how you living
You could keep ya two cents, it's just two pennies
I know I killed the game, because I had to pay the witness
I do bad bitches, I don't do bad business!

[Verse 2: Mojo The Ghost]
Look, while ya'll been fucking off I been fucking on!
Outside grinding so much n***as ask if I have a home!
While y'all been worried bout so and so her I came along
Like I ain't been here since Vick had braids, and bush fucked us all!

Aww pimp or die motherfucker know the slogan
Bitch n***as ain't loyal, I then been on more teams than Keith Bogans
Young Achilles, hop out that fucking belly of a Trojan
Ready to kill whoever I got the crown I plan on holding

Northwestern, I been stomping on that campus like Samoans
Only hit luxury women, hooptie braud get to towing
Bitch I'm buzzing, and I ain't need a pill to get me rolling
Ya money Gary Coleman, them different strokes stunt ya growing

I'm a don, you can tell that shit by my demeanor
And my bitches I keep a stable full of Palaminas
Sleep is for the rich so I grind till I get wealthy
Running on Dr. Scholls no way that my feet gone fail me

A good night is good weed, good head, and belly
Boy I'm from the country but nah this grammar ain't Nelly
Haters get pissed on Robert Kelly
Every beat I rape like Kobe Bryant in that telly!
Makadelic, I been dicking hoes since Pele Pele
He tatted thug life on his chest, now he think he Makaveli
I'm from the B, ain't nothing you can tell me
Fuck a Beamer, I rather 6's on a box Chevy!

I lied, cause that maybach is looking pretty tempting let's ride
When we on to the T, like lipton, timeless
I'll be here forever like the Simpsons
Assistant pimp n***as more Cartwright then Pippen

Fuck em all fuck em all! I swear I made my own lane
Escobar would have wanted me dead for this cocaine
Soulja Boy smoother than a motherfucking oil pane
One side I'll leave brains noodles, lo-mein

King Kooper, feeling like Mario on a Super Dooper
Blazers and square toes the attire of a ruler
Remind me of that sitcom, the biggest loser
The beat just got murked respect the shooters!