[Verse 1: MoJo]
I'm groundbreaking, like an Anvil dropping from the heavens
I beat up every track this abuse here is domestic
Objectives is make doh then break bread with the brethren
Where we plot, you'll never know the setting

I'm straight up out the B-Town! Whole city filled with hooligans
At 16 they copped the steel, now they all Supermen
Me, I stay & sports and these books, call me stupid then
You would spend an allowance to get high, think you Coolie then

Whatever tho, my Cree to life is on a different vice
I'm a dog for the cheese, I send cats to work for the mice
I was bumping Common in the whip, bitch asked me to play satellites
I laughed at her, kicked her out the car at the traffic light

Lack of intellect is normal in the dirty dirty
Lucky for me my psyche at 10 was going on 30
I guess that makes me 50 in mental times
Tryna free the game from this lyrical genocide

Bring rap back its sunshine!
Bring lyricist back they sunshine
Bring my state back its sunshine!
You can have all my sunshine!

[Verse 2: AV]

I remember they didn't want let me shine!
All the promoters and DJs that didn't respect my grind
I swear this is real rap, ask Mojo if I'm lying
We was sitting in 40 you told me not to waste my time

They gone feel me in due time, hit em with real rhymes
And that's exactly what I did and now I feel this time is mine
We took this town by storm, boy this shit feel like it's ours
Teeroo said it's up to me when you leave and I felt the honor!

Them n***as lying, I know who really my potnahs!
Them n***as ain't put me on, they just wanna be sponsors!
PAT hosted a party, you know I had it popping!
Somebody else threw a party, you know it wasn't popping!

N***a MoJo said it best I'm Mr. Lamborghini Dreams!
Said that shit my first cypher, them n***as copied me
Now my n***a bout to leave, and the campus up for taking
Since I'm standing adjacent, I guess that I'ma take it I'm shining!

Let my mama see the sunshine!
She just wanna see her son shine!
Rainy days need some sunshine!
I looked in God's eyes and saw the sunshine!