One Mic Freestyle
[Verse 1: AV]
All I need is one chance, one shot
Better yet I need one shot, for every motherfucking problem I got..
They say mo' money mo' problems, that's a motherfucking lie
Cuz If a problems was Bugattis, I woulda brought out the lot!

They like to say that time is money, well I ain't got no fucking time
Damn sure ain't got no money, all I got is these fucking rhymes
And they ain't paying me. Supposed to be the man of my family
'm looking in the mirror and I'm facing insanity

Swear to God y'all I think I'm haunted by a demon
Cuz when I close my eyes I swear I hear the devil speaking
She be telling me to kill n***as. So all I see is red
But my other braud be wanting me to see the bigger picture

She said, "This world is yours if you want it you could take it!"
My heart is ice cold if I wanted I could break it
Gave my word to brothers I told em that Ima make it
Even tho I ain't tho I ain't supposed to be here. I'm from New Orleans baby

Whatever I believe in I'ma die bout the shit
So don't you ever fix ya mouth to ask why I ride with my clique
This world is mine. Don't judge me. I took it like robberies
This world is ours, I gotta get my n***as to shine with me
Fuck grinding, I was dying from living in poverty
My mama so proud of me. She the only one that believed
That I could change life, that bitch look so fly with me
She just hoping ion end up the male version of Aaliyah

All I need is one mic. I swear to God dog imma do it all for her. she gotta goto to Paris, Milan. All my brothers & sisters gotta go wherever they want to just learn & explore dog I swear man all I need is one shot
All I need is one chance to change the world and it by any means necessary… I swear! It's done! Look at me man I swear to God look in my face it's done!

[Verse 2: AV]
Man all I need is one mic to rock the world
& open worlds to some words that they never heard
Like any man, I put my brothers & my sisters first
Like any man, I never ever let em see hurt

No 50 Cent, Many Men want me in the dirt
But I ain't dying unless my enemy gone suffer worse
And if I die you know they gotta give the game to Merq
That n***a spittin, if you hear him you'd repeat the words
(What up Merq!)
My n***a 12Guage loaded tape First 48
My tape smooth over heads like waves on a fade
Haters drowning under pressure claiming that they in the race
So I Hop up out the water with the Michael Phelps face

I'm grinding on these n***as. My energy on unlimited
Somebody check my percentages
Don't step in my vicinity
You know I'm a franchise, I'm LeBron'ing on these n***a
Not the Cavalier. I'm heating up. Two timing on these n***as
Since I'm from New Orleans, that's like a thousand on you n***as
You ain't heard 500 degrees? Juvenile to all you n***as
On some shit I want double back cuz still feel that you ain't get it
But better yet go rap genius & read up on all my lyrics

I need one mic. & I swear to God Imma put all my family on. My FlightTeam brothers Kidd, Que, Spitta, DSpadez, VBlaze. My BHG brothers 12Guage, Merq, Keaton, Beezy, Gabe, Simone, Marl
My sisters Tyrannel, Tytiana, Ashante, Eyerie, Bria, Bree, Sylv, Liz, everybody! When I say Ima change the world man Ima change the fucking world

[Verse 3: AV]
All I need need is one chance to risk it all
Roll the dice, & play the cards, & bet against the Gods
It don't mean the show over when you first hear the applause
They say I'm black as the fuck I want the resembling card

& I ain't lying when I say a king gone remember his scars
Simba finally got the message when he looked into the stars
It was written, the stars aligned to make a motherfucking sentence
God wrote it for me. I just gotta put the period

All I need is one mic. One stage. One n***a in front my face. One n***a to perform. One n***a to let's the beats play. One n***a to kill. One n***a to step in this zone. One n***a to get me out, and my n***as gone put me on!

I got em all!

And I be losing it sometime but I swear I got this shit!
(I got this shit… And I ain't never gone fall off n***a I got it all
And all I need is one mic, I swear God
I ain't never gone fall off n***a, I got it all!
Swear to God, these n***as gone have to kill me before I lose
And anybody that know gone tell ya AV be the motherfucking truth
I Got It All
And All I need is one mic to change the world I got it all n***a
All I need is one mic to change the world I got it all n***a
When I look up to the sky I need my name in the sky like what's up God
I know you see me shining, you proud of ya baby boy!
I swear I got it all!)