Shine (CashMoney Freestyle)
What what what what what!
I am a hot boy!
I am the hottest boy!

[Verse 1: AV]
I shine hard woadie
Basic bitches never approach me
I be fucking sumn foreign, might fuck around get deported
Smoking on some imported, feeling so fucking important
Nobody could hate my style some people just can't afford it
Like what what n***a what is you talking
Cuz if you ain't talking bout money then you ain't talking bout nothing
Young stunner on these n***as they hate but they bitches love me
This remind me of this Juvenile was on top of the hummer

[Verse 2: AV]
I shine hard huh?
You protecting all yo la'brauds huh
She watch the way I shine, she wanna be with a star now
It's hard now
Tryna keep up with how I'm flossing
I'm a stone cold stunner, they calling me Steve Austin
I want them baby blue, Jays. You know I gotta be flawless
With some jeans you never seen, don't remember what they cost me
If I know one thing, nobody gone take em off me
They tell Vizu take the game, I'm like when the fuck I lost it
[Verse 3: AV]
I ain't never lost shit but a couple bitches
And it cost to be the boss so you n***as should pay attention
Listen, life's a butch. So you better practice pimpin
It's simple, sell a dream, that shit worth a million
I then sold like a hundred, I'm tryna touch a billion
Bonehead billionaires, dillies to the ceiling
Ya Feel Me?
Free Gizzle
I got bars for all the OGs locked in the penitentiary

[Verse 4: AV]
Matter fact they let Turk out, I heard he putting work in
They just show you never give up if you think you got a purpose woadie
When I show out they gone have to close the curtains homie
I play the part of the king, & I never need no rehearsals homie
Smoking on that dro, smelling like I got the ocean on me
I need the crown, call my homie up to score it for me
Baby gangsta. 20 Years Old, but still dangerous
I just want want the billions while these bitches wanting to be famous

This by far the flyest mixtape of the year, and we still got new heights to achieve yahaeardme
This is the the Big Tymers young boys, this is to shine pass all the shade
Like kings in spades we booking shit round here. And with this chapter of my life I would just like to dedicate this to alllllll my motherfucking haters. Whether you let me know you hating or you hating on the sidelines, wishing well but hoping I fuck up. Well congratulations you hating ass motherfuckers, this one for you!
Stunt! Stunt! Stunt! Stunt!
Age of Vendetta!