WeBeFTMG Freestyle Session
[Verse 1: Que]

Who want see, me and my dawgs?
In a battle royal match you receivin' a loss
Cause my bars on point, and I'm rolling up a joint
'Bout to take a spaceship to Venus & Mars!
Get it!? I know my weed n***as feel it, so for them:
I'mma go ahead & roll up a Phillie
And take another trip, and fuck another bitch
And eat a big ass bag of potato chips! Ya digg!?
I'm twisted, I'm gone. I'm on the same bike
With ET When he went home. I'm that fly
Bird Eye view n***a, I'm that high
My lyrics be the little pheeww when the jet fly
So n***a check my swag, first class
With the bars I rap so prepare for the clap n***a
What I do is deeper than some rap n***a
That's why you can't catch us fucking with no whack n***as

[Verse 2: Kidd]

Money on my mind. Money money on my mental
Monster, eating you n***as. No utensils
Hardly fuck with school so I rarely use pencils
The Kidd such a mess, get it? Pimples
Got 'em confused, they wondering what I'm into
A nice thick red-bone in a swimsuit
They like I fuck with him, my reply is him who?
Wondering what I got, check my credentials
N***a my flow mental! Better yet it's lyrical
Departure from the game like the cut of an umbilical
You feeling who? The flyest young n***as you could listen to!
I stay fly from my Jays to my Snapback
Fucking with the kid find ya head where ya lap at
Sour D aroma you can smell it from the napsack
You n***as comical, the type of guys I laugh at
[Verse 3: AV]

Smoking on loud that surround sounds the CyHi
Weed have me flying, guess I be sky high
In the booth we smoking God's cologne
FlightTeam session tryna put our people on
N***as still hating, our dough still baking
And we got the cheddar, add beef no bacon
Pledge my allegiance to the FlightTeam Nation
And we all thrown together like a fucking compilation
FlightTeam make a statement. All in ya mouth
Gangbang conversation, got our bars coming out
Think you fucking with us? N***a... please
You smoke weed... we smoke trees
Bag swole up from sticks & seeds
Dude smoking on a handful of Mardi Gras beeds
But we... smoking on that Robert E. Lee
"I'm out for Dead Fucking Presidents To Represent Me."

[Verse 4: DSpitta]

Boy I'm so ahead of my time, I kill the game in my prime
My flow is crazy like I'm losing my mind
See I'm high, can't even see me unless you look in the sky
She wanna be my only, girl get in the line
DSpitta, Spitta back up in it, bout to kill it bout to go off
Kush got my eyes looking like I'm 'bout to doze off
Bad bitch waiting at the crib with her clothes off
If you ain't fucking with DSpitta boy that's your loss
Unh, she coming fast like Nascar
I put it so deep I got her running like a track star
She think I really love her but I'm really just an actor
I hit it, then a n***a disappear like Casper
Hah! It's FlightTeam boy we do this
Spadez told me Fuck Your Feelings to the fullest
Ain't nobody fucking with the team! I'm just sayin'
The only hot shit you spit is ya breath, I spit bullets n***a!