KSI’s Little Brother
Alright, I've gone for an English beat
England is my city, big up Nick Crompton
Jake Paul's my dad, Logang for life

[Verse 1]
Only thing you had on me was I got sloppy seconds
But wait a second, didn't you mention
Ten bars later there was a girl you banged after Tobi?
That taught you a lesson
(It's mad!)
Another girl that you tricked to your pad (Why?)
Promising fans but if they don't bang
Then you send them away all sad
(That's peak bro, it's mad!)
Now on to another
Your best friend is probably your mother
Seen your dad's dick, you make me feel sick
And didn't you shower with your brother? (He did)
Talk about J as a master, but he's not the one that I'm after
Tweet about us on life support?
Bro, that shit almost killed me with laughter (hahahaha)
Two weeks, twelve vids
Now which one has had the most hits (which one?)
It's not the one where you sold out JJ
It was the Sidemen diss (Mad)
[Verse 2]
Now I think it's time we switch up the scene
Picture Deji Olatunji and a drugged-up teen
Now some of your fans might know who I mean
If I said that he met her in Bethnal Green
And how many times did she scream, "help me"?
Your hairline is fucked, you look like ET
The last time you almost died like this
Was the time you crashed your TT
This beef was between me and you
But you wanted a few more views (Why?)
"I wonder what I could do (what?), maybe diss the rest of the Sidemen too?" (Wow)
Notice how no one else has replied
Tobi didn't pick a side
The others went for the more relevant bro
I guess you could say bigger fish got fried
Bro, you just don't get it
Coming at me and the rest of the guys
You were always bound to regret it
Shouldn't it be your dad that I diss? (Jide)
I mean the channel is pretty much his
And bro, I just gotta ask are they your vids or your dad's vids?
(Oh man, oh man)

[Verse 3]
And usually I'm benevolent
But you were hella bent on getting relevant
So you went and sent 'cause we're all prevalent
Do you know what that meant? (Idiot)
Deep this, you're facetious, leave ya speechless
I know ya secrets, you need Jesus
I know ya weakness, bitch I'm a genius
I used to go to his house (yeah)
Not once was the little bitch out (never)
Sat next to him for two minutes
And suddenly this weirdo's aroused (What the fuck?)
Says he got loads of friends (Liar)
But that there filled me with doubt (Liar)
Twenty-one years ago, (what?) I wished his dad pulled out
Anyone can get a studio, Deji
Next time you do a disstrack, actually diss them
Don't just say I have white hair
Shout out to everyone reacting to this for views, I would too
Especially you Deji, I know you're reacting to this right now