The End
[Intro: Deji]
Vikk will never reply
Woul— like, straight-up never

[Verse: Vikkstar123]
They say there's a first time for everything
So tell me, Deji — what the hell were you thinking?
Dropping lines about a Minecraft pig
Do you really think that was a dig?
But then there's your most viewed hit
I got more views on my Minecraft shit
And I'm a disgrace? Well, I got straight As
So don't try and come at me sideways
You said your grades were "fucking terrible"
Me and you will never be comparable
You left school with two Ds
I can take your girl in 1, 2, 3
ComedyShortsGamer, but you don't game
Leech off your brother just for the fame
Jokes about my eyebrows are overused
At least I didn't shave them off for views
I ride electric, while you ride into a ditch
In your diss track, all you talk about is dick
You're a Korma, and I'm a Vindaloo
When you're a bad boy, Yinka grabs the shoe
Slept with the same girl as Simon
Apparently, you're not very African
While you're here trying to fuck groupies
I got your mum twerking for my rupees
[Outro: Vikkstar123]
Tank is shit